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Howard Korn

Howard Korn

Howard began working with and selling knives in 1984 and developed the first web site selling production cutlery and shaving products in 1995. He is still fascinated with the possibilities of ecommerce and the web. Look for big changes coming to the KnifeCenter!

Daily Carry: Leatherman Skeletool

Jason Kunkler

Jason Kunkler

Jason has worked in the knife business since he was 17. He's worked for Mom+Pop retailers, chain retailers, distributors, and now quite happy to be here at the Knife Center. Jason likes to annoy the office with bad jokes and bad Texas country music.

Daily Carry: Lots of Spydercos and a Chris Reeve Mnandi

Tom Song

Tom Song

Tom is the "man behind the curtain" at the KnifeCenter. Actually a product specialist, he now spends his days training other customer service people and taking care of every special case issue. At night he is a rapper.

Daily Carry: Spyderco Persistence

Patty Allan


The very heart of the business, Patty runs a tight ship in the warehouse. With a heart of gold and a strong whip, she gets it done every day. At night she tries to recover from the day.

Daily Carry: Spyderco Meerkat

Josh Korn


All around ecommerce guru and idea person, Josh cleans up all messes, creates sales campaigns, helps in the warehouse and at every other task asked of him. The one person who knows the Josh.

Daily Carry: Spyderco Manix2



Sleeping in front of doorways, stealing paper from trash cans, goosing visitors, Tupelo does all the great doggie things. He is a wonderful office dog.

Daily Carry: Teeth and Claws and wet nose


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