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Slicing Edge Sharpening System With 8" Grit Wheel and Polishing Wheel - CW1

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Part Number: CW1
Manufacturer: Sharpening Products
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"Slicing Edge Sharpening System" formerly known as Charlies Wheel of Fortune.

These make putting an edge on a knife blade quick business - if you know what you're doing (see warning below). One wheel is a type of grinding wheel and the kit comes with grease to dress it and keep it cool during use. The other wheel is a hard buffing wheel and some buffing compound is also included.

Contains sharpening wheel and polishing wheel made to fit any 1/2" shaft bench grinder. The shaft hole is 5/8" in diameter. We recommend a tapered shaft for the motor end. Use these wheels to put a professional quality, razor sharp, burr-free edge on your cutlery. Each 8" x 3/4" wheel will sharpen 300-400 knives before requiring reconditioning. Includes one CW-2 Reconditioning Kit. Easy to use. Bench grinder not included.

Please note: It is very easy to "over-sharpen" a knife and ruin it or to have a blade caught and pulled from your hand. Please don't try these wheels if you don't feel confident holding a sharp object on a fast turning wheel. The KnifeCenter assumes no responsibility for damage done to your knives or self with this tool. Please use carefully and at your own risk.

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Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
4.500 (22 reviews)
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4 out of 5
Big Al
Dec 27, 2014
Pros: Durability, None
Cons: Effectiveness
knife sharpening
my name is"big al",i have been sharpening knives for resturants,butchers,pizza palors,bagel shops for 40 years. wanna know the best,fastest way to sharpen knives? a 4x36 belt sander using 3m ceramic belts and a tru hone sharpening machine with 400 grit wheels.i gotta laugh when see these so call "pros" with there $20,000 hollow grinders.ha! my knives are just as sharp as theirs and cost much less to sharpen per knife. thust me, the Mexicans in the resturants,pizza place don't know if you used a $90.belt sander or a $20.000 hollow grinder,he don't care! all he wants to know will the knife cut the onion,pepper,tomato. also,i don't use sharpening stones, too slow,too hit and miss.
5 out of 5
Mar 19, 2014
Pros: Durability, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Love these wheels like a fat kid loves cake
This is the 2nd set of these I've owned. Sharpened well over 2000 knives. First set of wheels got ruined from moisture out in the garage. Recoating is easy. Use 40-80 grit sandpaper to knock old coating off the grit wheel and straighten it out if it's gouged, remove wheel from grinder. Take grit pack and pour some out into the fold of a newspaper, spread out about 10-12
5 out of 5
Feb 02, 2014
Pros: Durability, Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Pro sharpening
I am a sharpener Professional sharpener. I have sharpened since I was 9 or 10 because I grew up on a farm, and there was NO SUCH THING as a 'weedwacker'. I had a lawnmower, a SCYTHE, and a SCYCLE. I also made knives, sinse I was 12, I slowed down on making knives when I learned about women, and beer. I used stones for 18 years in my business,'cause I can do it quickly, and I still finish with the leather strop. I heard about this system but never saw it. A retired barber customer called me, was bored, went back to working 2 days a week. Had 15 shears he wanted done. Wile I was sharpening for him at his NICE acreage, he comes up to me with this grinder, with these wheels. Never used it, bought it at a gunshow." How much you give me for it ?" Traded him for the sharpening. Works GREAT. I don't use what THEY call " Goose Grease ", I found beeswax works much better. Great system.
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