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3 results
5 out of 5
Tim W
Tyngsborough, MA
Sep 17, 2014
Pros: Materials, Included Tools, Overall Quality, Handle Material, Blade Material, None
Cons: Locking
Simply the best edc
I keep buying "cooler" knives, but keep carrying this one - for pushing thirty years. It has done light carpentry and woodworking, car repair, electrical, food prep., and of course cut string and rope and opened lots of envelopes and packages - the smaller screwdriver blade fits most phillips screws. I keep it sharp, and have honed it on paper to almost razor sharpness. One bad thing: the main blade, which is thicker than most red Swiss army knives, DOES NOT LOCK. So a person learns to be careful. There are things this knife won't do, or won't do very well: it's not a hatchet or axe; it's not a fixed-blade hunting knife; it's a poor weapon (and it does not lock). And it's only sexy to people who really understand what knives are for. But for all-the-time useful and usable pocket carry it's the only reasonable knife out there - which of course is why lots of folks won't buy it.
4 out of 5
Florida, Ny
Aug 09, 2014
Pros: Overall Quality, Included Tools, Handle Material, Finish
Cons: None
Almost perfect
I carry it around for work and leisure; I like it better than the Cadet for my needs. Love the fit and finish. It came sharp enough to shave hair, a first for me from Victorinox. If it had a scissor, I'd be set. A couple things to note: the blade and bottle opener are larger than the 91mm Victorinox knives, and the silver alox is denser and thicker than the black alox. Very comfortable to carry in my pocket and in hand.
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