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Jun 06, 2013
Excellent multitool
Being very cautious about Gerber multitools, I've bought one to see if it has any potential compared to LeatherMan PS4. I was surprised. It is an excellent little tool, and at least as good as the best of them. The build is very solid, there is no play and quality of finish and assembly is great. Nothing near usual gerber quality. All tools are functional, easy and pleasant to use. The addition of clamshell package opener is a big plus over LM PS4. Pliers are very precise (I can pull hairs with it easily), spring loaded and very nice to use. Same for all other tools. Scissors can be a bit sharper, but that's really nitpicking. Blade steel is nothing to write home about, but it sharpens well, holds edge reasonably and is not prone to chipping. The only problem is that bottle opener can be a bit pokey when worn on belt or in pocket, but I don't have too much problems with mine. It also opens bottles really well, something my LM PS4 struggles with sometimes. Generally, I highly recommend this tool, it doesn't get much better than this.
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