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Columbia River 2030 Crawford Triumph N.E.C.K. Knife 2.75" Satin Tanto Blade, Steel Handle, Kydex Sheath
$39.99 On Sale: $19.95


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Columbia River Van Hoy Snap Lock 2 Bead Blast 1.75" Plain Edge Blade - 5120

Part Number: CR5120
Manufacturer: Columbia River (CRKT)


This product is no longer available
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Boker Plus Anti-MC Folding Knife 3-1/4" Ceramic Blade, Titanium Handles - 01BO035

Customer Reviews 4.438 Read 64 reviewsWrite a Review
Part Number: BO01BO035
Manufacturer: Boker Knives
Retail Price: $95.95
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BO01BO035: Boker Plus Anti-MC
Boker Plus

The unique combination of the most modern materials grants an exceptional position in the knife market. The blade is made of hi-tech ceramic, which is 100% non-magnetic and provides outstanding edge retention and corrosion resistance. The handle is made of lightweight, durable, corrosion resistant titanium, and features an integral frame lock mechanism. A pocket knife with truly unique qualities! Includes pocket clip and lanyard hole for secure handling. Blade length: 3-1/4". Overall length: 7-3/4". Weight: 2.5 oz.
Frame Lock
Frame Lock
Developed by Chris Reeve, it functions like a liner lock but the lock is comprised of one of the handle scales. It's an extremely strong and easy to manipulate lock.
Pocket Clip
Pocket Clip
Includes a pocket clip for easy accessibility and a more secure carry.
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