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5 out of 5
Dylan G
Lake Worth, Fl
Aug 17, 2016
Pros: Head Material, Balance, Construction, Weight, Handle Material
Cons: None
when i first bout this i was so excited to use it so i grabbed a bunch of gallon water bottles and started chopping i accidently hit the concrete deck in my backyard and put a cut in the concrete about a centimeter deep maybe a little less than that but no damage to the blade of the the weapon its very sturdy and strong and pretty much indestructable and if i could give it more stars i would!
4 out of 5
Nov 04, 2015
Pros: Weight, Head Material
Cons: None
Lets get this straight. This is not balanced to be a throwing hawk ( for all the reviewers that give it one star because it dosent throw well and they break handles) it is not meant to be a woods or bushcraft style tomahawk. It CAN do these things to an extent but there are better choices for throwing and woods chores. It is designed for warfare. Bottom line. Forced protection. I have yet to murder someone with it but im sure it would do just fine. I know you can drive the spike through a 2x4 with little effort. And idk why some poeples came dull but mine came shaving sharp. Very good for its designed purpose.
5 out of 5
Wyatt M
Santa Ynez, Ca
Sep 16, 2015
Pros: Head Material, Balance, Construction, Weight, Handle Material
Cons: None
best tomahawk available
everyone who didn't give this thing a five stars is wrong. the steel on this thing is tough and the handle is indestructible. The finish stays on surprisingly long but like every finish will eventually have little parts come off. Ive had it for 7 years and it has outlasted every other tomahawk i own and is still way better. this thing throws like a beast, chops like a beast, and the spike is just amazing. the polypropylene will last a lifetime unlike wood and i have thrown this thing as hard as i could and hit the handle dead on and the worse thing that happened was a small gash on the handle(very small). i read every single review before i bought this thing and i have no idea how this tomahawk could ever be below five stars. You don't need to have any doubt about buying this thing because IT WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!!!!!
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