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2 star
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2 out of 5
Seattle, Wa
Mar 06, 2013
Pros: Handle Feel, None
Cons: Overall Quality, Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Handle Material
Disappointing and will be returned.
While this is a beautiful and solid knife - no doubt it could be passed down through the generations - I was disappointed in the fit and finish of a knife in this price range as well as it not being a good fit for my intended purpose (EDC). I carried a Buck 110 for years and wanted to try something new. 1 - The stag is very unfinished, making it big and bulky. If you are looking for a classy gentleman's knife this isn't it. The bolster is 1/2" thick and the stag is 1" at it's widest. Most metal edges are unrounded, and the rivets are unpolished. I don't see how Puma justifies the price. 2 - It has a grittiness when opened and closed. Blade not centered in the liner. Dull out of the box. The tail end of the locking bar is cut crooked and the opposing piece has a gap between it and the liner. The shape of the stag is a personal preference, but for a $130 handmade knife, it shouldn't have any of those problems. This is my first Puma knife and it could be a lemon, but I think I'll stay away from Puma for a while. On the pro side, I do like the blade shape and size. No matter what way you measure it, it is less than a 3" blade if that is a concern for you. The finger grooves fit well in the hand.
2 out of 5
St Paul, MN
Nov 11, 2009
Dull, clunky
It is solid. Shipping was delayed too long.
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