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    yderco Stretch has changed over the years much like watching one of your kids grow up. What started as a small basic Hunter model in the 1980s matured/stretched into an elegant high performance drop point folder available in a variety of handle materials and blade steels.

    This version of the Stretch features blue Nishijin glass fiber handles. The name Nishijin references a specific weave pattern, used in the production of silk Kimono cloth. It is manufactured by weaving glass fibers (thinner than a human hair), together in a geometric pattern and then impregnating the fibers into polymer base. The outcome is a lightweight, ultra-strong handle material that has an attractive three dimension appearance.

    The blade is a unique VG-10 Damascus steel with fifteen laminated layers of erosive and non-erosive material over a VG-10 core center that come together in a Suminagashi pattern. The erosive layers are hard martensite stainless steel and the non-erosive layers are anti-corrosion nonferrous metal. These layers block carbon particles in the core from spreading to the outer layers. After layering the blade is forged to intentionally distort the layer-lines making a complicated, artistically beautiful pattern called Suminagashi. Suminagashi is a traditional Japanese art form of ripples of Chinese ink on the surface of water. This steel mimics the artistic pattern with interesting results on a knife blade. Once the layers are distorted, the blade is bathed in acid, etching a vivid relief pattern.

    Limited run of 600 pieces.
    • Blade Length: 3 1/2" (89mm)
    • Cutting Edge: 3 3/16" (81mm)
    • Blade Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
    • Length Overall: 7 15/16" (202mm)
    • Length Closed: 4 7/16" (113mm)
    • Hole Diameter: 9/16" (14mm)
    • Blade Steel: 17 layer Takefu Damascus with VG10 Core Blade Steel
    • Handle Material: Blue Nishijin Glass Fiber
    • Made in Seki-City, Japan
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  • Derespina, Rich
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