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Jeff M.
South Beloit, Il
Jul 05, 2014
Pros: None
Cons: Overall Quality
You owe it to yourself to get this knife.
Schrade has really been stepping up their game with the past year's new models. Almost unbelievable that the amount of quality can be put into a knife that retails for $27, and sells for about ten dollars less. I know it's coming from China, but I don't care one bit. I love my American made knives (Zero Tolerance, Kershaw, Microtech, Spyderco, Gerber, Benchmade) but I have lost knives in the field. It hurts a lot less to loose a $20 knife opposed to a $200 knife. The blackwash finish that Schrade and Kershaw have recently come out with is attractive and hides normal wear better than an all black finish. Just the blade and steel insert on the left G10 scale are blackwashed. The rest of the hardware is a black finish. The designers did just right on a certain beef I have with some of my recent purchases of brand name China made knives. I have noticed (probably due to liability issues) that recent models have both a strong ball detent, to keep blade from opening in pocket, AND a lock liner or frame lock that puts way too much sideways pressure on the blade. This prevents a smooth blade deployment, regardless of how much you might try to adjust the pivot screw. I have tried several different samples of this SCH501 and they all have a good ball detent and the liner lock has just the right amount of pressure to deploy the lock, but not impede the blade as it opens. This knife is a MUST buy. I have already ordered its "sister" model, the SCH502, with natural aluminum scales and a black zytel insert.
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