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Pros: Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Lock Type, Weight, Blade Material, None
Cons: Lock Type, Pocket Clip
Great all around knife for tool box or pocket
Great all around knife for tool box or pocket
4 out of 5
Dec 07, 2015
Pros: Handle Feel
Cons: None
Nice knife
I have a few of the Opinels. I really like them for the price. This was my first carbon steel. They vary in terms of build quality. For instance the one I received had a very tight collar. I popped it off and worked it a little with some pliers and now it's perfect. I like using Opinels for eating food and everyday tasks. It has a very friendly, old school look. So far I don't see a big advantage with carbon steel model in terms of edge retention, and it's a little higher maintenance, so I'll probably be sticking with the stainless steel Opinels.
4 out of 5
Rappahannock Academy, VA
Aug 15, 2015
Pros: Blade Material, Handle Feel, Handle Material, Overall Quality, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Blade Sharpness
Cons: Ease of Opening, None
Low price, but certainly not cheap!
I had heard good things about the quality of Opinel knives and when I retired my previous folder I decided I wanted to try one. Its not a matter of good for the price, this is a quality knife no matter what! Everything is fit well, the handle is smooth and comfortable and finished, no rough edges or marks. The steel is excellent, it came shaving sharp and after almost a month of farm use, cutting lots of hay twine and alot of carving hardwood I gave it a couple passes on my leather belt and its still takes hair off cleanly. When I first got it the blade was a little stiff to come out, obviously its fit into hardwood so it needs to wear in and also when its 100 degrees and 80% + humidity wood tends to swell no matter what it is. after a couple weeks it wore in and now its snug but not stiff or sticky. My only issue, and given that this knife was under $13 I expected it, if the blade isnt polished. Basically there are faint vertical lines on the blade from the grind, they arent glaringly obvious or anything, but they do make cleaning the knife rather difficult as they hold onto alot of substances. They are shallow enough to polish out with some high grit sandpaper if necessary. Overall, excellent classy knife, great for carving and fine bushcrafty things, with some polishing it would make an excellent skinning knife. The steel quality is comparable to knives in a far higher price range. The simple but effective design allows for the knife to be low priced but not at the cost of quality. I highly recommend this knife!
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