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5 out of 5
Alberta Canada
Mar 09, 2016
Pros: Blade Material, Overall Quality, Handle Feel, Weight, Ease of Opening, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
Scary sharp
I've worked with knives all my life. Worked on a farm, in construction, and a cook. I have carried a knife every day of my life. This knife was one of a very few that when I hand it to some one the first thing I say is "be VERY careful, it's sharp as fak". It opens with the "wave" feature beautifully. Holds an edge well, and cuts like I wish every knife I owned would. Definitely another cold steel that goes well beyond what I expected
5 out of 5
Feb 02, 2016
Pros: Ease of Opening, Lock Type, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
One thing I've learned over the years. It's hard to go wrong w/a Cold Steel purchase. Typical of all CS blades, it is ridiculously sharp from the box. With a little tensioning adjustment of the clip it waves open w/ease. The slashing/cutting power of this blade design is shocking. Impressive is an understatement.
5 out of 5
Nov 14, 2015
Pros: Overall Quality, Lock Type, Pocket Clip, Blade Sharpness
Cons: None
Sharp, Lethal, Effective!
The shock factor when you hand people a knife to use for opening something is worth every penny!
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