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The legend continues.

Kai USA Ltd., in proud partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, introduce ZTАԮ*xԮ*$ЕԮ*xԮ*Ԯ*xԮ*$Ԯ*xԮ*PԮ*xԮ*$Ԯ*xԮ*P,Ԯ*xԮ*“VmԮ*xԮ* $nԮ*xԮ*~Ԯ*xԮ* Kershaw’s OffSet, model 1597 with its technologically advanced “MIM-HIP” (metal injection-molded blade and 3-D machined handle) wins the “Overall Knife of the Year” award. Shun’s Ken Onion 8&rdquԮ*xԮ*$Ԯ*xԮ*Ԯ*xԮ*$Ԯ*xԮ*{Ԯ*`Ԯ*$Ԯ*xԮ*zP,Ԯ*xԮ*sq. ft. АԮ*xԮ*$Ԯ*xԮ*yАԮ*`Ԯ*ploded growth of Kershaw Knives. The Shun Classic 8" Santoku, (kitchen knife) model DM0718, wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Kitchen Knife of the Year” award.

KershxԮ*xԮ*&rsquowԮ*Ԯ*0Ԯ*w Ԯ*xԮ*vԮ*Ԯ*@Ԯ*@Ԯ*$СԮ*xԮ*uP,Ԯ*xԮ*e Knife uԮ*xԮ* Year&tԮ*Ԯ*0Ԯ*0Ԯ*7
Under the direction of Mr. Koji Endo, CEO of Kai Corp., Japan, Hiroshi (Jack) Igarashi of Kai Corp, Japan is appointed Executive Vice President of Kai USA Ltd. dba Kershaw Knives.

Kershaw Knives expands Wilsonville facility to include manufacturing, marketing