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Ace P
Idaho Falls Idaho
Jun 10, 2014
Pros: Pocket Clip, Ease of Opening, None
Cons: Lock Ease of Use, Ease of Opening, Handle Feel, Lock Type
I got this knife for an everyday carry. it is a good looking knife and has a quick snap to it. it is for light duty use only! I rea not a very safelly like the opening function of the knife but without a safey on it it continuously opens in my pocket..
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Arrived: Tue 2/28
Cold Steel Video: Self Defense w/tQe������3Z+��PS7Z+��3Z+��PS7Z+��f Defense w/the Sjambok d Z+PS7 Z+PS7 Z+PS7 Z+/ //SWHRT/rt-dou/ade-bl/t="Smi?/uble E/Blade,/ class?/ /s="ret/>$31.2@/ /ur_pri/ight:7/95 /152px"/ight="/="/ite/esson-/fe-5-3/k-tpe-/ & Wes/ Knife?/Blade,/ class/ />