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El Cajon, Ca
Feb 25, 2016
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Ease of Opening, Lock Type
Cons: Handle Feel, None
Steel Will Apostate
As the proud owner of a Steel Will Gekko 1500, I was excited to see this new for 2016 release Apostate 1116. My one and only concern with the outstanding Gekko concerned the blade lock release on the middle of the handle's back side and the possibility of an inadvertent unlocking onto my fingers during use. The Apostate has a liner locking mechanism which is a much more sturdy and trustworthy system in my opinion. In my haste to buy the Apostate, I didn't notice that it's made in China (instead of Italy like the Gekko). This might be why the handle doesn't seem as sturdy in my hands. The blade is sharp and swings into place quite smoothly. I also really like the blade geometry of this tanto design, in my initial uses it has pierced and cut well. I also noticed that there is a somewhat aggressive edge on the tab used to flip the knife open that's a tad bit uncomfortable on my thumb pad during opening but this isn't a huge issue to me. All in all, I like the knife but it hasn't upped the bar enough to become my favorite EDC.
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