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13 results
Kanetsune Asobi Fixed w/5.91 inch Damascus Kukri Style Blade & Cord Wrap Handle
Kanetsune Asobi Fixed w/5.91" Damascus Kukri Style Blade & Cord W…
Save 27%
5 (1)
In Stock
Fox Extreme Tactical Kukri Machete 9 inch N690Co Blade, Bronze Forprene Handles, Nylon Sheath
Fox Extreme Tactical Kukri Machete 9" N690Co Blade, Bronze Forpre…
Save 31%
In Stock
KA-BAR BK21 Becker/Reinhardt Kukri Fixed 13.25 inch Black 1095 Blade, Nylon Handles
KA-BAR BK21 Becker/Reinhardt Kukri Fixed 13.25" Black 1095 Blade,…
Save 37%
4 (2)
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