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3 results
Better than the leather SwissTool pouch
I bought one of the top of the range SwissTools, which I love except... The leather pouch that was supplied sticks out too far (due to storing the accessories) and it basically keeps pulling my pants down. I got this pouch because I hoped that by holding the tool closer to my body there would be less leverage and it would be more comfortable. It works perfectly. Simple, cheap (in a good way) and functional. Highly recommended if you have a SwissTool. My only cons, which are minor and, for the price, not worth docking points, are; 1. There is no space for the accessories, which is not too much of an issue since it prevents the pouch being uncomfortably large. It would be nice to have a small loop to hold the corkscrew attachment but I can add one myself if I decide I really need it. 2. Ideally, I would like to be able to slip the pouch on and off of my belt without having to practically remove the belt. Having a way to do this and keep the tool secure is a difficult balance so it is not really a problem.
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