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KT3: Matagi Hunter
Kitasho, Co Kanetsune Knives

Located in Seki City, the City of Blades in the 800-year-old blade capital of the Orient, Kanetsune knives are great imported products. "Seki-den" is the secre method of Japanese sword-making that has been passed down to our present age from 800 years ago. Mr Kanetsune Seki, one of the finest master craftsmen in Japan, preserves the traditions behind this secret art.

"Blue steel" and the 800-year-old history of Japanese sword-making are used to make these amazing knives! Blue steel is a type of ultra-high carbon steel that has a long-lasting sharpness and repels oils.

Kanetsune Matagi Hunter.

9 1/2" overall.
5" Hitachi Aogami (blue steel) carbon steel blade.
Cherrywood skin wrapped handle.
Black metal guard.
Cherrywood skin wrapped sheath.
Sheath has leather belt loop and straps.

Made in Japan
Made in Japan
The exotic steel Capital of the World, Japan produces and innovates some of the best products, from pocket to kitchen knives and everything in between.
Wood Handles
Wood Handles
Provides a traditional, natural look and feel to a modern tool. Wood absorbs shock well and is popular in axe handles.