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Schrade 182UH Uncle Henry Elk Hunter Fixed 3.83" 7Cr17MoV Blade, Staglon Handles, Leather Sheath

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Part Number: SCH182UH
Manufacturer: Schrade Knives
Retail Price: $44.00
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You Save: $18.05 (41%)
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SCH182UH: 182UH Uncle Henry Elk Hunter
The Schrade 182Uh Uncle Henry Elk Hunter fixed blade features a full tang 3.83" drop point blade made from 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel. The handles are Staglon, which is a plastic-like material with the visual appearance of stag, with brass finger guard and pommel. Comes with a premium brown leather belt sheath.

Founded by Stewart Taylor in 1975, Taylor Brands has been manufacturing, designing and distributing high-quality stainless steel knives and accessories since its inception.

Taylor Brands manufactures Schrade Cutlery such as Old Timer, Uncle Henry, Schrade Tuff, and X-timer. They have recently introduced a high quality line of Schrade flashlight, scissors, and shears.

Taylor Brands also manufactures Smith & Wesson Cutlery such as S.W.A.T., Extreme Ops, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, and H.R.T. Taylor Brands is also renowned for their specialty items and custom designed pieces such as the Texas Ranger Commemorative Knives celebrating the 180th Anniversary of Texas Rangers.

Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters and, most recently, law enforcement and fire safety professionals utilize Taylor Brands products.
  • Blade Length: 3.83" (9.73 cm)
  • Blade Material: 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Handle Length: 4.58" (11.63 cm)
  • Overall Length: 8.41" (21.36 cm)
  • Handle Material: Staglon
  • Sheath Material: Leather
  • Made in China
Leather Sheath
Leather Sheath
Leather is known for its durability and traditional appeal. When compared to Kydex it is preferred for its silence when bumped against other objects, as well as blade retention.
Zytel Handles
Zytel Handles
A nylon polymer that is lightweight and extremely durable, Zytel can be shaped and textured to provide excellent grip.
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