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HAPSTONE Knife Sharpener
HAPSTONE Knife Sharpener
HAPSTONE Knife Sharpener

HAPSTONE Knife Sharpener

HAPSTONE is a Russian Knife Sharpening company that is always looking for the most effective way to sharpen a blade. For most of us, the technique of sharpening on a benchstone is beyond our skill set and HAPSTONE is here to help out. Their system works much like an Edge Pro fixing the blade and letting you do the work running the stone across the edge at your desired angle. They've got a simple system that works and is definitely built to last.

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Hello to every visitor here. 

We are confident that you have come here for a reason, and would take great pleasure to introduce you to our product. 

Apparently, you are interested in knives and demand them to be razor-sharp. 

Let us tell you who we are and what we do, and then allow yourselves to decide whether to put your trust into us with your knives.

One day, a man became sick of a disease called knife-mania. It began with the purchase of an unpretentious Chinese Ganzo 704, and manifested an irresistible desire to know everything about knives and everything connected with them. Red-eyed because of reading forums and watching videos on youtube. And, of course, the urge to buy another ... and another ... and last ... and the very last knife. Well, that’s it, doctor, I am sick. Naturally, as it happens to all the “patients”, there appeared another problem. Knives, of course, are a good thing to be keen on, but it turns out that they grow blunt. And the price of the product does not affect the degree of their sharpness. A large smile appeared on my face every time I heard a common phrase: “I bought a hugely expensive knife – self-sharpening!" 

Of course the time to sharpen them came at some point. The idea that for sufficiently keen sharpening you only need a Japanese water stone, the full moon and the lotus posture, vanished very quickly. The first attempts of manual sharpening failed. After months of training, progress was visible, but it was clear that I could do it better. I began searching for all sorts of devices for sharpening, reading reviews about them and viewing reports. An appropriate option in terms of price-quality ratio was not found. After some deliberation it was decided to create one myself. It seemed to be a piece of cake. I needed to put together a wooden base, find a pair of neodymium magnets from an old hard drive, some clips for a stone and a pair of guide ways. That sounded so easy, but in fact it turned out to be a more complicated story. The old hard drive was found by a friend who is a programmer (at the other end of the city) that by means of screw-drivers and “somebody’s son” was opened (the hard drive J, not the programmer). The wood base worked out on the second time. Fluoro-plastic for clamping blocks and stainless steel guide ways is a long story at all. On the whole, I wasted 4 days plus a lot of nerves to find everything needed and endless time to assemble it all in one piece. The result, however to put it mildly, turned out to be so-so.

A little time passed and it became clear that we need to do the right thing! So, I met with a friend and former classmate Stas, who loved and suffered from this disease, too. Here started metamorphoses of HAPSTONE. However, then it was untitled.

The following half a year passed quickly. We worked on it almost every day, periodically making different models. We changed something, we left something unchanged. At some point, the final product that we both liked emerged. Then there was the idea that since we had already spent so much time, energy and nerves, it just wouldn’t be right to hide our work from the eyes of the same sort of fanatical people like us. This is how the commercial spark and idea of ​​mass production were born. It was in 2012. And in May 2013, we produced ​​a small batch and went to a Kiev Steel Line exhibition to get feedback from visitors. Received a lot of positive emotions and good reviews, and made some adjustment to the design - we knuckled down to our work.

Currently HAPSTONE is not just a sharpener, which was created “for personal usage”. This is a matter on which we are working with great enthusiasm and gusto. Not only two men toil at it, but a close-knit team, each of whom is a professional and loves their job. Maybe this sounds a bit conceited, but we really love what we do, and are willing to be responsible for it. The confirmation of these words is that we have introduced the concept of "Lifetime Warranty". This means that you can be confident in the reliability of the devices and the support from our side throughout the entire period of use. By the support we have in mind not only the warranty replacement or repair of machines, but also the answers to all the questions that relate to knives, sharpening and anything that is connected. It does not matter whether it's questions from a beginner or discussion of the subtleties with a guru in sharpening. Because Buckminster Fuller was right to say: “There are no stupid questions. The stupid question is the one that was not asked.”

We are constantly developing and moving forward. Currently, rotary mechanism for HAPSTONE PRO, and clamp for sharpening scissors are being developed. Parallel to this, we have plans to open representative offices and are searching for partners in Russia and Europe, and later in America. Nowadays HAPSTONE is delivered all over the world. Among our clients there are residents of the following countries: Russia, the USA, Australia, Brazil, Sweden,

Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Israel, and so on.  Naturally the representative branches delivery will become prompter, and payment will be easier to conduct. We are always open to suggestions and constructive criticism. We want to become better for you.

Thank you for your time, and interest.