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Darrel Ralph Designs Custom Skull Push Rod, 4.75" Overall - SKULL CUSTOM PUSH ROD

Part Number: DRSKULL
Manufacturer: Darrel Ralph Knives


This product is no longer available
DRSKULL: Gen II DDR Custom Skull Push Rod
Darrel Ralph Designs
After a long wait Darrel Ralph has got the next run of Skull Push Rods finished and they are spectacular. This is a real deal DDR Skull designed and finished by Darrel himself. The actual pick on the tool is Titanium to provide strength and lighten the design, and they are removable so you can replace them if they are ever damaghed. Each skull is hand ground so there will be minor differences to each one. They are made to be carried on the edge of the pocket for quick access and are used for everything from punching holes, to breaking ice, and even as a back up push dagger of sorts. The skull is 1" wide by 2" tall, the rod is 3.5" long and the tool weighs 3.2 ounces. Comes with a black nylon carry pouch.
Titanium Handles
Titanium Handles
A nonferrous metal, it's prized for its high strength to weight ratio and is often used on higher end knives.
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