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3 out of 5
Mike Lamacq
Jul 23, 2014
Pros: None
Cons: Materials, Durability
Its great for flipping like a balisong but after about 5 days little pieces started coming of and about one month later the weigt in the handle broke of :/
1 out of 5
Joe K.
Austin, TX
Sep 12, 2012
Pros: None
Cons: Materials, Durability
Poor construction
Pen works but not ergonomically functional. Too light for any serious flipping. Plastic broke around the circular weights.
3 out of 5
Jul 25, 2012
Pros: None
Cons: Materials, Durability, Overall Quality
Poor Construction
It's functional for flipping. A bit on the light side. But the bad part is that the pen is not functional on mine. The pen is suppose to come out with a twist to the head, but it seem to be broken out of the box. Occasionally, the tip of the pen sticks out a little during flipping.
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