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My consistent EDC is the carbon fiber handled version of this knife and I love it. I pre-ordered it because I loved the original Spyderco Southard flipper, but I wanted something a little smaller and more civilized. The Positron is that and much more. It is one of the best knives I have owned in the past 60 years. So I bought this knife as a backup if needed, or a safe princess if not needed. It is virtually identical to the carbon version except the blade finish is "brushed" S35V instead of polished S30V and the handles are bright orange, something I might need in the woods, but very attractive in its own right. This is an excellent knife, just right for every day carry for almost anyone who needs a cutting tool, but NOT a prying tool, or a substitute screw driver, or a can opener. I don't know how tough the pivot is, and I'm not willing to find out. The blade came very sharp, and I expect it to stay sharp and be relatively easy to resharpen. The engineering of the flipper mechanism is much better than the original Southard flipper, probably the best flipper opening knife I have tried. On the carbon handle I found that I had to soften the tips where they rested in my palm as the points made hot spots. If I decide to carry this knife I will probably do the same, but the value would be diminished, so I'm leaving them sharp, too sharp I think, until I decide to make this knife my EDC. The overall quality is slightly less than I have come to expect from Spyderco, not enough that I would not use the knife, but I felt a slight disappointment when I first examined the knife.
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