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LED Flashlights

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Because the LED bulb almost never needs replacing and the battery life is much longer than those of more traditional lights, LED flashlights have become the latest standard.

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Tactical Flashlights

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These flashlights are built extra tough so that they can handle use in combat. This makes them great for civilian use as well. We also carry LED Tactical Flashlights.

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Key Ring Flashlights

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These flashlights are miniaturized to fit comfortably on your keychain. You never know when you will need a flashlight, so never go anywhere without one. Try the Photon LED Lights!

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A hands-free, head mounted flashlight. For when you need both hands, and a light. Most of these are LED lamps. We also carry Hat Clip Brim Lights, which clip onto any duckbill hat.

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Camping Lanterns

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Battery-operated lighting perfect for nights outdoors, or in an emergency when the electricity goes out.

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General Flashlights

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Flashlights with traditional (incandescent) bulbs, designed for every day use. These are great for keeping in your car and garage for emergencies.

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