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Stag Handles
Stag Handles
Naturally dropped deer antlers are used to create a natural rugged look and feel. Antler from the Axis and Sambar deer in India are renowned for their density and are therefore most commonly used for knife scales.
Made in USA
Made in USA
This product is USA born and raised.
Damascus Steel
Damascus Steel
A layered steel that can be either carbon or stainless. The finished blade is acid etched to give it a unique design. Damascus is known for its toughness, and edge holding capabilities.
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5 out of 5
Ventura County CA
Jul 01, 2015
Pros: Blade Sharpness, Handle Material, Handle Feel, Ease of Opening, Blade Material, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Smooth and tons of fun
I bought this as gift for my son. He has enjoyed the heck out of this knife. At first, for him, it was a little too snug (the blade movement), but soon enough after several days of walking around the house flipping and maneuvering this thing - it was like second skin for him. He is a good boy and is responsible with his knives. He has built up respect, skills, and confidence in handling his knives. Personally, I was a bit intimidated by the size and how sharp this knife was, and continues to be (such a rugged blade). But in teaching my son and him learning the respect needed to handle this tool, well it (the knife) had brought us closer and built his confidence. Bear & Sons - thank you for such a cool, fun, rugged, and quality made product. btw - he has had the knife for a month know and is still as sharp as when first arrived, and even with daily use (and the occasional drop, it is very smooth movement.
5 out of 5
Timothy M.
Wasilla, Alaska
Nov 03, 2014
Pros: Handle Material, Handle Feel, Blade Sharpness, Blade Material, Ease of Opening, Weight, Lock Ease of Use, Overall Quality
Cons: Sheath, None
best Damascus butterfly for the money made in usa
I bought this to replace a pearl handle one that Got broken on one side waiting for it to be replaced with mastidon ivory but got tired of waiting has nice 900 surgical steel but always wanted Damascus steel love all my other's knifes made out of it. well this knife is very smooth tight working parts a great looking knife spinning weight is perfect the handle fits me like it was custom made personaly for my hand razor Sharp blade of one of a kind black Damascus steel as smooth working action as I have ever run across .
5 out of 5
Herbert B
Jacksonville, Florida
Jan 04, 2013
Pros: Ease of Opening, Blade Material, Overall Quality
Cons: None
Great Knife
This is the first Butterfly Knife I ever purchased and it is top quility. The Damascus blade looks great and gets lots of compliments. It is very easy to operate and is made very sturdy.
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