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Sep 28, 2016
Pros: Durability, Bulb Durability
Cons: None
new favorite
I purchased the version with a blue headband. this lamp is very lightweight and this, stows away and disappears in your pocket when not in use. the light is detachable from the head band but it is extremely secure when attached and snaps in tightly allowing one to rotate using one hand. I notice that the head band is about a 1/4 inch thinner than my other lamp (princeton tech byte) and also lighter. the band is almost neon and seems to illuminate in the night, this came in handy when searching for the lamp in my pack or if the lamp falls to the ground, the blue band is quite visible in contrast to the ground. The settings are very simple. hold the botton for about one second and it turns on and likewise one second to turn off (it will turn on directly to the last brightness setting it was when it was before previously turned off) It has three levels of brightness an no alternate color/ blinker settings. I find this to be a no- nonsense, streamlined, minimalist lamp that conveniently operates using one AAA bettery.
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