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Knife Sharpening Center

Buy Sharpeners & Sharpening Supplies at Knife Center

The Sharpening Center has accumulated this extensive group of products to maintain any edge. With these tools, you can sharpen kitchen cutlery, pocket knives, garden tools and more. This is your one-stop shop for sharpening related products. Included, are links to sharpening tips and instructions.

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All Benchstones

Benchstone Knife Sharpeners
Benchstones are the most common way of sharpening a knife. Here at Knife Center, we carry a great variety of benchstones, including the natural Arkansas Stones. We also carry bases to hold your benchstones.

Ceramic Benchstones

Ceramic Knife Sharpeners
We carry a variety of artificial ceramic benchstones. While natural benchstones have a certain attraction, ceramic benchstones are both cheaper and more consistent. Because they are artificially created, their color and grit level are easier to control.


Japanese Waterstones for Knife Sharpening
Waterstones are naturally occurring sharpening stones from Japan. Because of the unique geology of Japan, these stones are softer than most benchstones, leading to a stone which can, and should, be lubricated with only water.

Diamond Benchstones

Diamond Knife Sharpening Benchstones
Diamonds are famous for being the hardest naturally occurring material on earth. These diamond benchstones, from Diamond Machining Technology and EZE Lap, allow you to use that hardness to sharpen your knives.

Tri-Hone Benchstones

Tri-Hone Benchstones for Knife Sharpening
The best edge is achieved by progressively increasing the grit of the stone, moving from course through fine. Tri-hone systems put a course, medium, and fine stone on the same device, allowing you to quickly move through all three stages.

Pocket Whetstones

Pocket Whetstones for Knife Sharpening
Just because you are on the go doesn't mean you have to live with a dull knife. These pocket whetstones come in the same variety of materials as the larger benchstones, but are sized to fit in your pocket.

Clamping Systems

Clamping Knife Sharpening Systems
With a traditional benchstone, you sharpen the knife by holding it at an angle and moving it along the stone by hand. Clamping systems hold the knife to ensure a constant angle, while you move the stone along the blade. This removes a lot of the possibility for human error, and gives the knife a consistent edge. We also carry the hones for GATCO and Lansky systems.

Ceramic Rod Systems

Ceramic Rod Sharpeners
Natural stones can only be made in so many shapes, but the advent of ceramic sharpening tools opened the door for alternatives. These systems use ceramic rods, which allows for more detailed sharpening. These are great for sharpening kitchen cutlery and serrated knives. We also carry Mini Ceramic Rod systems, which use ceramic rods, but are small enough to fit in your pocket.

Pull Sharpeners

Pull Through Knife Sharpeners
Pull sharpeners take all of the guesswork out of sharpening knives. Instead of trying to hold the knife at a specific angle, you just pull it through the sharpener. We carry a variety of pull sharpeners, including the stylish Messermeister Chantry Sharpeners.

Dog-Bone Style Sharpeners

Dog Bone Style Knife Sharpeners
Dog-bone style sharpeners have multiple edges, usually of different angles, making them great for sharpening the serrations on serrated knives. These are also small enough to fit on your key chain.

Handheld Sharpeners

Handheld Knife Sharpeners
These pocket-sized knife sharpeners are great for putting an edge on your blade fast. They do not require oil, making them good for travel as well. These are totally hand held without guides.

Sharpening Files

Knife and Tool Sharpening Files
These sharpening files are great for garden tools, machetes and axes. Some are for honing your knife, or finishing its edge.

Diamond Knife Sharpeners

Diamond Knife Sharpeners
We carry a variety of diamond based knife sharpeners, including the above mentioned benchstones and Retractable Pen Style Diamond Sharpeners.

Diamond Sharpener Manufacturers:
Diamond Machining Technology (DMT)

Slicing Edge Sharpening System

Slicing EdgeKnife Sharpener
Formerly known as Charlies Wheel of Fortune, this kit comes with a grinding wheel and a buffing wheel. When used properly, this will put an edge on your knife really quickly. You have to be careful, because it is easy to over sharpen your knife on this wheel.

Electric Sharpeners

Electric Knife Sharpeners
We carry a variety of electric sharpeners, including the Master Grade Professional Knife Sharpener. These sharpeners have the stones on a motor, allowing you to quickly sharpen your knives.

Electric Scissors Sharpener

Electric Scissors Sharpener
This electric scissors sharpener takes all of the guesswork out of sharpening scissors. You don't even need to take the scissors apart, you just pull the scissors to their fully opened position and run them through.

Butcher Steels

Butcher Sharpening Steels
Sharpening steels are not actually used for sharpening, typically, but are rather used immediately after sharpening in order to hone the knife, and smooth possible imperfections from the sharpening. We carry a variety of sharpening steels, including Diamond Coated Steels.

Razor Strops

Straight Edge Razor Knife Sharpening Honing Strops
Straight edge razors need to be kept sharp in order to work properly. These strops will help you take care of your straight edge razor and many people use them to finish the honing of their knives. We also have sharpening instructions from DOVO, who manufacture of most of our straight edge razors.

Benchstone Base

Benchstone Base for Knife Sharpening Stones
These bases help keep your benchstone in place, keeping it steady and making it easier to make a consistant edge.

Honing Oil

Honing Oil for Knife Sharpening Stones
Benchstones need oil to properly sharpen.

Note: Japanese waterstones are lubricated just fine with water, and oil can ruin the stones.

Eraser Blocks

Eraser Blocks for Ceramic Knife Sharpeners
Eraser blocks are used to clean ceramic sharpening stones and rods. These can also be used to clean metal tools, removing rust, tarnish, and other surface blemishes, and leaving a satin finish.

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