Below are design revisions of the published pages from American eagle.
Many of the changes are actually correcting back to the approved mock-ups.
There are features on the beta pages that may not conform to the mockups that
we do not cover on this page and we do not want a conclusion to be made that the changes outlined on these pages are the only modifications needed
to produce the pages to the level of the mock-up pages.
Some other minor changes have been added to make the overall look more modern.

List of Changes for the AMeagle Homepage pages: (Please refer to the image examples)

1) Header changes have been detailed in a previous American Eagle support ticket.
2) Sidebar header (unique for the front page). Should probably be an image title to control the look.
3) Replace the "New Item" space to the right of the large lifestyle image space with four image links for featured items, deals, specials...ex.
4) Sidebar featured product descriptions should not have their own background colors, and test should be larger/ bolder. The original comp images are closer to what is currently on the beta website.
5) "Find the right tool to do the job you need" title should look like it is inside the containing box instead of above it. A light gradient from top to bottom, blending down into the white background of the featured departments listed.
6) The side buttons should be thicker with a larger "arrow" space to click. The gray background should be a slight gradient to white from bottom to top. Notice there is no longer a large empty space under the listed departments.
7) The welcome text and title should be contained in a box with a light border and gradient from bottom to top. The welcome title and tag line can all fit on one line.
8) Find it Fast: header is darker and has a gradient from top to bottom. cells have margin space between each category. Text list is black and bold. Background has a slight gradient.
9) A box with a 1px border and a light gradient background consistent with the rest of the page.
10) Newsletter icon was added
11) Added a Social Network section for facebook, twitter, blog icons.
12) Contact information and email button has been consolidated to one section.
13) Featured Reviews needs a mager upgrade to fit in with the rest of the website. A gradient background was added and the wire-frame borders have been taken away.
14) Background behind the content area should stay white but outside the content area of the website should be changed to a light gray. The white background needs a light shadow around it.

Images are linked to full size versions - working versions with layers may be available if you need them

Brand Page and Department Page

Brand Page:

- Inactive tabs should be darker. (see attachment)
- "Shop for [BRAND] Products" table list should be at the bottom of the page, styled like the "Find it Fast" link list on the front page.
We would like to have the "featured items" slider on the brands page.
Department Page:

- The department cells should have a padding of around 6px from the border so that the department image does not come all the way to the edge. Perhaps the image canvas can keep the same dimensions (253x164px) but the content of the images can be downsized.

Images are linked to full size versions

Listing pages
List of Changes for the AMeagle Listing pages: (Please refer to the image examples)

1. Sidebar title: Add the word "Filter" to make "Filter Search Results"
2. Main title: Rather than having the number of search results of the main title, the keyword searched should be the title of the page with the number of results next to it, not as prominent.
3. Add a "Sort By" drop-down menu with these options: Brands (A to Z), Brands (Z to A), Price (Low to High), Price (High to Low), Availability, Average Review
4. Page number views. List five pages at a time with a forward and back button on each side along with a first and last page link.
5. There is no more need for a large white space under the top gray bar since the "sort by" options are now inside the gray bar.
6. Product listing title and the text following under the have been slightly re-formatted. Text is slightly larger and easier to read, there are smaller space gaps.
7. Make sure when an item is not on sale from the retail price that the text showing how much the customer has saved (or in this case, has not saved) the content should not be displayed.
8. When a product does not have any customer reviews, that information should not display
9. Please add SHIPPING INFORMATION link at bottom eityher in gray box with page numbers or below in line with "help us improve this page"



1) "List Price (or Retail Price), You Save, You Pay" information list ihas been lined-up.
2) Darker inactive tabs (should be changed throughout the website).
3) Added a gradient background from light to dark, top to bottom inside the body content of the tabs.- 5 reviews per page
- bigger font size for review text/product info text
- bigger font size and bold links for "Review This Item" and other links
- bigger font size and bold links on right column links
- Customers Who Purchased This Product Also Bought should not include items that have 0.02 in ICM_Price1 field
- see mockup for spacing between IN STOCK! Ships in 3-4 Days and Add to Cart Button. There is too much space between the two right now.
- Font size is off from the staging site and the mockup. Please use mockup font size and style (bold)
- image size on Customers also bought needs to be 130 x 90
- customer reviews: text is not in line with the rest of the div (Part Number, Manufacturer, Country of Origin, Add to Cart, Etc.)

Images are linked to full size versions -



1) The primary choosing drop-down is lost and not labeled over to the right and so we moved it- as you see below, and labeled it so that a shopper would know what it is. We assume this was slated for some sort of redesign