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ANZA knives are each made from a steel file which has been annealed, cold ground and polished. The handles are made of laminated, plastic impregnated wood. Colors will vary. All knives feature full tang construction and come with a top grain cowhide belt sheath.

AZ-102 Large Clip Point Hunter. 10-5/8" overall. 5-3/4" blade with finger notch.
Retail:$63.95 _ Your Price $47.95

AZ-105 Large Clip Point Hunter. 9-1/8" overall. 4-1/4" blade with finger notch.
Retail:$59.95 _Your Price $44.95

AZ-108 Utility Hunter. 7-l/2" overall. 3-l/2" blade
Retail:$31.95_Your Price $23.95

AZ-109 small Utility. 6" overall. 2- 5/8" blade.
Retail:$25.95 _ Your Price $19.95

AZ-l Small Clip Point Hunter. 5 3/8" overall. 2-5/8" blade.
Retail:$19.95 _Your Price $14.95

AZ-2 Medium Drop Point Hunter. 5 7/8" overall. 2-5/8" blade.
Retail:$23.95 _Your Price $17.95

AZ-3 Medium Utility Hunter. 6-7/8" overall. 3" blade.
Retail:$27.95 _Your Price $20.95

AZ-4 Drop Point Hunter. 7 -1/8" overall. 3" blade.
Retail:$31.95 _Your Price $23.95

AZ-AZ small Drop Point Hunter. 5-1/8" overall. 2-1/4" blade.
Retail:$23.95 _Your Price $17.95

AZ-TW Miniature Skinner. 2-3/4" overall. 1-l/4" blade.
Retail:$16.95_Your Price $12.95

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