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Benchmade Knives ( a leading cutlery manuacturer in Portland Oregon) Stryker Automatic is the latest offering from the company who is the leader in production auto opening tactical knives. Having had a chance to examine several specimens from this particular series, those with satin finish and BT2 coated partially serrated and plain blades, I offer my impressions of these Allen Elishewitz designed knives.

First, the handle. The hard coat anodization process leaves a finish that has slight texture, which helps to aid in a secure grip. When you pick the knife up, you will readily notice how solid it feels. This solidity reminds me of the early Benchmade knives such as the Leopard, Brend Combat Talon II, and the Tsunami tanto. All the edges are rounded, and the machining quality is superb, as usual for Benchmade. It simply feels comfortable in the grip. This is the third automatic knife that Benchmade has incorporated a safety, something which provides peace of mind when carrying the closed knife in the pocket. This is one particular feature that I would like to see incorporated in all of Benchmade's autos. Last but not least, the pocket clip. The 9100 carries tip up unlike its manual action brother. The clip also is set pretty high on the butt end of the handle, leaving relatively little of the knife sticking out above the pocket lip.

Moving on to the blade - it's the same as the 910X series, thus offers the same advantages as the manual versions. One point to note - I believe that the satin finish versions look better than the BT2 coated ones, as the light will reflect off of the multiple grinds. Another observation I made about the partially serrated models was that the serrations were not sharp enough (to my standards) I was kind of surprised at this, as I know that their serrations have been much sharper on their other knives. This maybe an isolated case with these few I examined ("S" and "SBT" models).

Overall, another great automatic opener from Benchmade. For those who qualify to buy, the Stryker automatics combine style and custom flair with Benchmade's strict manufacturing processes. I give the 9100 Stryker Auto the Siskel and Ebert treatment: two thumbs up!
Dexter Ewing


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