Please note that this review is one person's opinion and is meant simply to provide information and a viewpoint to the reader and is not meant as an endorsement of the product by the KnifeCenter, although everyone here loves this knife too.

By Dexter Ewing, Knife Collector and Enthusiast


Advanced Folding Combat Knife

Sometimes, it may be difficult to find a knife that would fill
the role of a utility tool as well as a self defense role. For those
stuck with this dilemma, Benchmade's AFCK is the knife you should
seriously consider. This knife was designed in conjunction with Chris
Caracci, a former Navy SEAL team operator who is now employed as an
instructor at Gunsite Training Center in Paulden, Arizona (A word of
note, the AFCK model 800S is the official knife of Gunsite). (**KnifeCenter note--We aren't certain of Mr Caracci's present position ) The AFCK is
manufactured under license from Spyderco, for it sports the blade hole.

There are several features the AFCK incorporates that sets it
apart from the competition. First, there is a slight curve to the knife
when opened fully. This curve helps to concentrate pressure where it's
needed most -- on the blade. Second, one will notice the recess in the
handle, close to the pivot end. This is the key to the great feel the
AFCK has in the hand. On the inside of this recess is where you will
find the Locking Liner release (which by the way is serrated for a good
purchase when unlocking the blade). Personally, I really like this
setup. The release is seated into the handle, making it impossible to
inadvertently unlock the blade. It does take some getting used to,
though. Instead of putting part of your thumb onto the liner itself, you
touch the bottom end of the release. Because of the serrations there,
your thumb may develop a minor sore spot from repeated unlocking. Third,
the blade hole makes blade deployment a snap (so to speak!), even with
work gloves on. Fourth, I discovered the AFCK's hole is chamfered,
eliminating any sharp edges. Comparing the hole with those on my
SPydercos, it does not feel as harsh. Your thumb will definitely thank
you for this!

As for the cutting performance of the AFCK, it is one serious
cutting tool. For a few weeks, I proceeded to tote it around with me,
using it for those "mundane" utility cutting tasks at work and in the
yard. The AFCK went through cardboard quickly, with little pressure
applied to the handle (the curve of the knife comes into play here). For
those of you, like myself, who have a knack for landscaping and/or
gardening, this is an ideal knife to have with you out in the field. I
have put my AFCK through its paces by harvesting produce, trimming vines,
and opening bags of fertilizer. Again, the knife can be used with one
hand, without having to pull your gloves off. In terms of self defense,
the AFCK will excel in this role as well as it does utility tasks.
Thanks to the handle's recess, your hand will never slide up on the
blade. This knife feels like an extension of your arm during slashing
and thrusting maneuvers. Under stress conditions, you must be able to
retrieve the knife and open it with either hand. The blade hole and
Locking Liner simplify this task.

In closing, the AFCK is a knife capable of fulfilling both roles
of self defense and utility comfortably. It is a knife I would not
hesitate to recommend to anyone looking for a large folder for utility
purposes. If a large folder is not what you need, then take a look at
the Mini AFCK. The Mini offers the same features ( ***KnifeCenter note - model 812 has stainless locking liner while model 800 has titanium) and performance of its
big brother, but in a more compact package. Benchmade has also released
the model 800 with a Black T coated blade, for outstanding corrosion
resistance, high lubricity, and reduced glare.

Dexter Ewing
If you have some thoughts or comments to share with Mr. Ewing, please email him using his linked name below
Dexter Ewing

Have a knife day!

Please note that this review is one person's opinion and is meant simply to provide information and a viewpoint to the reader and is not meant as an endorsement of the product by the KnifeCenter, although everyone here loves this knife too.

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