First Impressions of the The Knife Formerly Known as Eclipse by Bruce Wagner

I tried adjusting the blade on mine, but found that the tightness is due to the fact that it is a conventional back lock unlike the liner-locking 800 and 812, and it incorporates a rather stiff spring. I wasn't able to get mine any looser than it was right out of the box. It will no doubt loosen up with use, as most of them do. The beauty of the adjustment is that you'll be able to tighten it back up should it become too loose. My sample exhibits no side to side play whatsoever. Overall, for what it is and what it does, I think Benchmade has come up with another winner. The molded -in threaded steel inserts that allow choice of tip up or down carry is a nifty feature (I'll leave mine as-is) and it represents a great way for someone to check out how they like ATS34 for roughly half the price of an 800 or 812. Of course you don't get the velvet smooth operation of those more expensive liner locks (comparable to feeling pleasure that must be experienced by the person who opens and closes the vault at Fort Knox) and it isn't any where near as quick to deploy as the AFCKs (without practice), but for the modest cost it's a darn good knife. I think it was worth the wait.


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