Benchmade's Ascent (The Knife Formerly Known as Eclipse)


Light. It really has a light feel but the blade shape and size feel very powerful. Holding it is comfortable. The molded handle fits the hand -at least a medium sized one like my own.The roughed area on the top of the blade offers a great thumb pressure point. The BM800 and 812 have a smaller, less rough area which is further back and less useful. The action is tighter than other knives out of the box but is supposed to be adjustable.

I like the larger hole in the blade. (it is significantly larger than the blade hole in the other models). This makes the opening much easier.

The Knife Formerly Known as Eclipse is a comfortable, well made knife. The ergonomically designed handle and overall shape make it a very desirable everyday working tool and the light weight makes this a knife you hardly notice in your pocket. Benchmade wanted an everyday working knife to build on the great designs which have proven so successful with their AFCKs and they have succeeded.

Even though this is a plastic handled, very lightweight knife, the feel is reasonably solid. Of course, it is much less so than the BM800 and BM812 which have the composite material G-10 handles and metal liners, but the overall shape really does add integrity to the piece.

The blade is not as sharp on the first models we have tested as the blades are on the BM800 and 812 series. Although the thickness of the blade is closest to the full size BM800, the length is between the two older models.

We also recommend the Cold Steel Voyager series to those interested and the Gerber EZ-outs are now available wiith the same ATS34 Stainless blades. The new Spyderco Goddard Lightweight is very close to this knife in size and design and is a good alternative.

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