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Mel Pardue Designed Axis Lock Folders

Benchmade Mel Pardue Designed Axis-lock folder

Black Aluminum handles, Black coated blade with partial serrations. This offering from Benchmade utilizes Benchmade's patented AXISTM lock which was first seen on the 710 series. The AXIS lock is totally ambidextrous and allows for easy one-handed opening and closing of the blade without your fingers ever being in the path of the blade. The design is very intuitive to operate with little or no instruction needed on how the lock functions. As simple as the lock is, perhaps its biggest selling feature- is its brute strength. In testing, the lock supported a negative load of over 200 pounds without damage. When the lock does finally fail, the liners simply crack over the locking pin, but at no time in Benchmade's testing would the blade have closed on the users hand. The AXIS lock features two "Omega" shaped springs that provide outstanding functional redundancy. The springs are lightly stressed and our tests show they should last indefinitely. In the unlikely event that one of the springs does fail, the other will still operate the knife just fine. There is a removable, stainless steel pocket-clip located on the butt end of the knife. This given clip location on the butt end is necessary due to the locking mechanism. If the clip were positioned on the pivot end, the knife would protrude much too far out of your pocket.

BM 720P- Satin finished plain edge blade
BM 720 S- Satin finished blade with ComboEdge serrations

BM 720BT-BT2® coated plain edge blade
BM 720 SBT- BT2® coated blade with ComboEdge serrations-

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