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Length.................. 4.50" 3.5"
Thickness............. 0.115 0.115
Material............... ATS-34 stainless steel / M2 Tool Steel ATS-34 stainless steel / M2 Tool Steel
Hardness.............. 59-61HRC / ? 59-61HRC / ?
Overall Length... 9.40" 7.875"
Handle................ Sculptured G-10 Sculptured G-10
Weight................ 6.0 oz.
Warranty............ Limited lifetime Limited lifetime
Material............... Kydex® and a Kydex® strap; Kydex® and a Kydex® strap;
  Chicago screws. Adjustable Chicago screws. Adjustable
  black stainless steel clip. black stainless steel clip.
Weight................. 2.50 oz.


The sleek, Model BM140 signifies Benchmade's first fixed blade offering in several years. The Nimravus was styled by designer Allen Elishewitz to appeal to Benchmade customers who wanted a lot of the same features, materials and styling traditionally found with Benchmade folders except in a fixed blade format. As you can see it has a very good utility blade shape, and will perform equally well in a diverse selection of uses. Although not a geometric Tanto shape, this modern tip design is among the strongest configurations available today.

The 4.5" full-tang blade is ground from ATS-34 stainless steel and features a false edge that lightens the blade without sacrificing tip strength. Available in plain or ComboEdge with half serration for effortless cutting of rope or other fibrous materials. The blades are BT2TM coated which is a proprietary, Teflon® based polymer for superior, corrosion protection. The scales are machined of G-10, a nearly indestructible aerospace, glass fiber laminate. Additionally they have integrated a series of positive indexing notches in the spine for sure-grip blade control.

One of the most important features of any fixed blade should be the sheath, and this one is no exception. Constructed of Kydex®, the sheath is impervious to the elements. It features a clip that allows the knife to be positioned for right or left hand use. The sheath may also be carried inside, or outside, the waistband. The versatility of the knife and its sheath design allows for carry and use in nearly any application that warrants a tough, mid-sized fixed blade knife.

Æ Kydex® is a registered trademark of Kleerdex, Inc.

BM140BT Plain edge with BT2 coated blade
BM140SBT ComboEdge with BT2 coated blade
BM140HS High Speed Tool Steel Black Plain Edge Blade
BM140HSSR High Speed Tool Steel Black Combo Edge Blade


The smaller version of the knife above

BM145BT Plain edge with BT2 coated blade
BM145 SBT ComboEdge with BT2 coated blade
BM145HS High Speed Tool Steel Black Plain Edge Blade
BM145HSSR High Speed Tool Steel Black Combo Edge Blade

New Sheath made of Kydex® and Carbon Fiber

NIMRAVUS First Impressions:

This is an intelligently designed product. It is not just a blade with a handle, but is a tool which fits the hand superbly. Blade material is ATS-34 stainless steel or M2 Tool steel, both of which are very hard and high quality blade materials. The drop point blade design is a good utilitarian design and the G-10 handle material is light and comfortable. It appears that handles can be removed. The natural grip puts the user's thumb on the notched rear of the top of the blade which, although not a particularly comfortable place, it is a good position for applying pressure in cutting. The knife balances at the front handle nut.

With Benchmade's history of finely made products, you can rest assured that the quality of this piece is top notch and the overall value is very good. This is one of our very favorite fixed blade knives with a lot of work potential for a very slim and light tool.

Sheath: a well designed and lightweight Kydex® sheath that clips onto the belt vertically. A horizontal option would be nice, but this sheath does the job nicely.

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