Kershaw Agile
The Agile is agile indeed as it comes with three interchangeable backspacers, each outfitted with a different tool: a bottle opener, a screwdriver tip, and a lanyard attachment.
Kershaw Airlock Assisted Flipper Series
The Airlock is a stylish, high-value folder that is a great way to get someone into knives for the first time.
Kershaw Al-Mar
Timeless Al Mar Knives designs meet Kershaw’s precision manufacturing and meticulous fit and finish to bring you updated versions of some of the most iconic Al Mar Knives.
Kershaw Antic Multi-Function Folding Knife
Neither too bland nor too flashy, the Antic is compact, versatile, and a great addition to your collection.
Kershaw Asteroid Assisted Flipper
The Asteroid from Kershaw Knives is a mid-size flipper with a tactical design aesthetic.
Kershaw Bareknuckle USA-Made Flippers
Taking design cues from the Zero Tolerance 0777 and manufactured in the USA, the Bareknuckle is a versatile flipper with an aluminum handle and patented sub-frame lock.
Kershaw Barricade Assisted Flipper
A bulwark against unpreparedness, the Barricade has all the key features needed in an emergency knife all wrapped up in a bright orange “see me” package.
Kershaw Barstow
The Barstow is a little wicked and a lot of value. It's a folding dagger and everything about this slim, sleek blade is simple, direct, and ready.
Kershaw Believer Assisted Flipper
The slender handle and blade combination of the Believer make it easy to carry and highly effective at slicing...perfect for everyday carry.
Kershaw Blur
Ken Onion designed the Blur's handle to precisely fit the user's hand.
Kershaw Boilermaker
Boilermakers are known for their skill at metalwork and this robust folder from Kershaw and Les George is built in honor of their dedicated craftsmanship.
Kershaw Brawler Assisted Flippers
Get great style and great function in a value-priced knife.
Kershaw Camp Fixed Blades
From clearing brush to making kindling, the Camp is the ideal outdoor and survival tool. Cut, chop, slash, hack, split, scrape—just about any task you ask of it, the Camp can handle.
Kershaw Camshaft Assisted Flipper
With its custom touches, SpeedSafe assisted opening, and versatile clip-point blade, the Camshaft is designed to get your engine going.
Kershaw Cathode Assisted Flipper
In a battery, the cathode attracts the positive charge. One look at Kershaw’s Cathode tanto and we predict you'll have a very positive attraction indeed.
Kershaw Challenge Coin
Made of zinc alloy with antique nickel plating, this double sided challenge coin is the sign of a true Kershaw fan.
Kershaw Chill
RJ Martin Designed lightweight series. G10 handles.
Kershaw Cinder Keychain Folding Knife
Going somewhere that you want to carry a "non-scary knife? Then what you need is a knife that still has plenty of style and cutting power, but in a smaller "keychain" size.
Kershaw Clash Assisted Folding Knives
SpeedSafe assisted opening, a Flipper, an EDC-perfect design -- and priced for excellent value.
Kershaw Comeback Flipper Knife
The clean look of the Comeback and its excellent ergonomics make it a great fit for just about anybody looking for a dependable EDC knife.
Kershaw Cryo Frame Lock Folding Knives
Kershaw has released one of the best pocket knives ever with this Hinderer designed Cryo. It is compact, fast opening with a large flipper, assisted and easy to carry with a slim profile.
Kershaw Deadline
This one is getting in under the wire — and you'll be glad it did. Meet the Deadline, from Kershaw and Matt Diskin.
Kershaw Decibel
This sci-fi-inspired knife is sleek, extremely modern, and comfortably lightweight.
Kershaw Decimus Assisted Dagger Flipper
Modeled after Rick Hinderer's symmetrical Maximus Dagger, this assisted flipper is a superb EDC in a tactical cloak.
Kershaw Decoy Front Flipper
Hidden inside the Decoy is a handy pair of pincers. Ideal for picking up and holding small objects.
Kershaw Deschutes Axe
The Deschutes is a contemporary take on a classic tool with angular handle lines and cutouts.
Kershaw Diode Flipper
This good-looking mini knife is an ideal size to slip into a pocket, add to your keychain, or drop into a backpack or purse.
Kershaw Dividend
The success of Kershaw’s made-in-the-USA Link series has yielded a Dividend. It's a slimmer, sleeker pocket carry — proudly made in the USA in Kershaw's Tualatin, Oregon factory, yet still built at a very affordable price.
Kershaw Dmitry Sinkevich Concierge Flipper
The Concierge has a clean, refined look and is the perfect sized tool for both everyday carry and last ditch tactical encounters.
Kershaw Emerson CQC Folding Knife Series
Designed by Enerst Emerson and made affordable by Kershaw Knives, this series is a guaranteed home run. Get one or all of them, they're that awesome!
Kershaw Epistle
Designed for the minimalist, the Epistle is sleek, slim, and exceptionally lightweight for its size.
Kershaw Eris
Known as the troublemaker of the Greek pantheon, Eris was always stirring up jealousy. Now Kershaw’s Eris folder could do the same the first time you take it out of your pocket to show it off to your buds.
Kershaw Fatback Folding Knife
No, the Fatback does not have a fat back. In fact, it has a rather slim handle. But to ensure you always have an extra secure grip, it does have some extra fat texturing on its glass-filled nylon handle.
Kershaw Faultline Flipper Knife
This compact knife fits comfortably in the hand but offers a bigger blade than you might expect and everything about it says, "practical, reliable, and sturdy."
Kershaw Flitch
A bold blade and contoured grip could make the Flitch your next favorite EDC. With a modified drop point blade, top swedge, and strong finger contouring, the Flitch offers a tactical look at a value price.
Kershaw Flourish
This is your next must-have knife. Of course, you’ll like the size and how it feels in your hand. You’ll appreciate the useful modified clip-point blade. But it’s the little flourishes that take the Flourish over the top.
Kershaw Fraxion
Kershaw and Danish custom knife and toolmaker, Jens Anso, have teamed up to create a handsome knife just right for the knife user who prefers a contemporary look.
Kershaw Fringe Assisted Opening Flipper
With its gray titanium carbo-nitride coating on both blade and handle, as well as an attention-getting carbon-fiber insert, the Fringe is a very attractive EDC with a sturdy frame lock mechanism.
Kershaw Funxion Multi-Purpose Knife
In addition to a SpeedSafe assisted knife blade, the Funxion provides a selection of handy tools perfect for taking on all those around-the-house tasks.
Kershaw Gravel Assisted Flipper Knife
The distinctive reverse tanto blade shape provides the piercing power of a tanto but also offers excellent slicing capabilities - the best of both worlds.
Kershaw Grid Assisted Flipper
The Grid's blade is a modified drop-point, but cut so that it almost resembles a tanto. This provides a strong tip for practicalities like piercing, yet the blade also has enough belly to offer excellent slicing capabilities.
Kershaw Grinder Assisted Folding Knife
The Grinder offers a blade with a slightly curved belly for all-purpose cutting and slicing. A clipped, tanto-inspired tip offers excellent piercing capabilities, too.
Kershaw Halogen
The Halogen is an everyday carry flipper knife with style to spare and beautiful carbon fiber/G10 laminate handles.
Kershaw Highball Folding Knives
The Highball is an aesthetically pleasing two-hand opening design with a D2 tool steel blade capable of hard use.
Kershaw Hinderer Ember Assisted Flipper
A Rick Hinderer design similar the to the very popular Cryo - it's like a smaller clip point brother.
Kershaw Hinderer Ferrite Assisted Flipper
Rick designed this one to be easy to carry, easy to use, and to feel great in the hand.
Kershaw Husker Assisted Flipper
Roughly the same size as the Leek, the Husker seems much more substantial for its size - more capable and, dar we say it, more stylish.
Kershaw Innuendo
Inspired by the sweeping lines of a Lamborghini, the Innuendo's handle and pivot take definite design cues from the famed Italian luxury sports car manufacturer.
Kershaw Jen Anso Method Flipper
Outfitted with KVT bearings and an inset liner lock mechanism, the Method is lightweight, speedy, and perfectly suited for EDC.
Kershaw Jens Anso Carabiner
Danish custom knife and toolmaker, Jens Anso, is well known for his wildly popular custom folders as well as these cool multi-function carabiners.
Kershaw Jens Anso Hub Flipper
The Hub, designed by Jens Anso, is a small knife ideal as a lightweight pocket carry, but it’s small enough to fit on a keychain too.
Kershaw K-Texture Kitchen Knives
K-Texture knives are designed for the kitchen, camping, and outdoor tasks that require the right tool for breaking down your meat in a precise and efficient way.
Kershaw Kickflip Tool
From champion skateboarder Chris Cole and Kershaw comes the Kickflip, the skateboard tool that makes adjusting your skateboard for its best ride easy.
Kershaw Knife Pouch
Keep your folders safe on the go with a padded knife pouch with zipper closure able to fit anything under 5.25" closed.
Kershaw Knockout USA Made Flippers
The Knockout is an ideal knife in both the EDC and last ditch tactical categories. It's a large, yet slim bolder with great materials and USA made design and quality.
Kershaw Kuro Assisted Flipper
Another economic winner from Kershaw, the Kuro is a lightweight tactical design perfect for EDC.
Kershaw Launch Automatics
Got an automatic attraction? Then look into Kershaw's Launch series. These automatic knives feature great steel, a strong opening kick, and are made in the USA.
Kershaw Leek Assisted Flippers
Kershaw Leeks have a very usable 3" blade and super slim profile. This is a best seller!
Kershaw Lightyear Assisted Flipper
The entry-level Lightyear assisted flipper is a high-value design that spans multiple theaters of use and an array of features that anyone can appreciate.
Kershaw Link USA Made Flippers
The missing link -- between a quality, made-in-the-USA knife and a price most consumers can afford -- has been found.
Kershaw LoneRock Hunting Knives
Fixed and folding hunters available in a variety of different blade shapes suitable for all hunters.
Kershaw Lucha Balisong
Kershaw's first balisong knife has a meticulous design with input from experienced balisong users. For their first entry into the butterfly knife world, Kershaw has created a solid knife.
Kershaw Malt
As one of the most sought-after custom knifemakers today, Gustavo Cecchini is well known for his innovative knife technologies as well as the striking lines of his custom designs—clearly seen in the unique looks of the Malt.
Kershaw Manicure Items
Keep groomed on the go with a manicure set from Kershaw; a great value for such a useful set of tools.
Kershaw Misdirect
The Misdirect is part of Kershaw's popular Starter Series, value-priced knives that offer a variety of styles and solid performance. The Misdirect is no exception.
Kershaw Mixtape
The Kershaw Mixtape is everything you want in a lightweight, easy-to-carry pocketknife and nothing you don't.
Kershaw Natrix Sub-Frame Lock Flipper
The Kershaw Natrix is based on brother brand Zero Tolerance’s 0770, which itself was inspired by the award-winning ZT 0777.
Kershaw Norad Flipper Series
Inspired by the lines of aerospace design, the Norad is a manual flipper with carbon fiber inserts for a custom look and feel.
Kershaw Nura Flippers
This Dmitry Sinkevich design is available in two sizes and both feature super smooth operation and a stout feeling in the hand with a solid frame lock mechanism.
Kershaw Oblivion Flipper
The Kershaw Oblivion combines stainless steel and glass-filled nylon in a two-piece front scale, with their intergrated SpeedSafe mechanism. The result is a unique "split profile" look, plus smooth, one-handed SpeedSafe opening.
Kershaw Oso Sweet
Assisted opening pocket knife with textured handle at an incredible price!
Kershaw Outright Assisted Flipper
Featuring a bright blue PVD coating on the blade and handle, this knife is an Outright eye-catcher for sure.
Kershaw Passage
The Passage from Kershaw is an EDC flipper with a trimmed down and functional design aesthetic.
Kershaw Payload Multi-Function Folding Knife
The Payload stores a 5-bit screwdriver set on board: a #1 slotted screwdriver, a #1 Phillips, a #2 slotted, #2 Phillips, and a T-6.
Kershaw Payout Flipper Knife
The dramatic look of the Payout pails in comparison to the hard use jobs that this knife is more than capable of tackling.
Kershaw Portal Assisted Flipper
The Portal features sweeping lines that flow across the blade and down the handle. The machined grooves along the top of the blade are echoed by its razor-sharp edge.
Kershaw PT Pry Tool
Keychains just got even handier with the PT keychain tool. It offers three handy functions in a very compact space.
Kershaw Ration Carabiner Spork
If you camp, backpack, hike, or hunt, you know you need this. If you have to grab lunch between classes, you know you need this.
Kershaw Reverb
The lightweight Kershaw Reverb is ideal for backpacking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
Kershaw Rexford Amplitude Flippers
A stylish Todd Rexford design with a sharp tip point and smooth stainless steel handles.
Kershaw Rhetoric Assisted Flipper Knife
Excellent ergonomics and an even better price tag makes the Rhetoric hard to beat as a value EDC blade.
Kershaw RJ Martin Flythrough Flipper
This stylish EDC flipper is outfitted with RJ's unique "See-Through Pivot" and a slot behind that lets you see the end of the blade tang when the blade is open. Both of these features add interest to this striking knife.
Kershaw RJ Tactical Assisted Flipper
Assisted opening folders designed by custom knifemaker RJ Martin. These are fast and the blade is a great shape.
Kershaw Scallion
The popular Kershaw Scallion is the perfect size for lightweight and convenient pocket carry.
Kershaw Secret Agent Boot Knife
This double edge boot knife is a great balance of design quality and high value steel giving you a ton of knife for your money.
Kershaw See-Through Pivot Tool
Designed for the Kershaw 1988 Flythrough and the Zero Tolerance 0609, this allows you to adjust the pivot on RJ Martin's See Through Pivot designs.
Kershaw Seguin
Compact in stature yet robust enough to get the job done, the Seguin was named in honor of Juan Seguin, a hero of the Texas Revolution.
Kershaw Select Fire
Full size liner lock with bit holder and spare bits.
Kershaw Showtime Folding Knife
The Kershaw Showtime, designed by Todd Rexford, is not exactly a traditional “gentleman’s” knife. Which means that it could be exactly what the non-traditional gentleman is looking for.
Kershaw Shuffle Compact Utility Folding Knives
Compact, versatile and tough, the Shuffle is a great utility, work or just a great multi-function pocket knife.
Kershaw Sinkevich Atmos Flipper
The refined appearance and lightweight nature of the Atmos lend it to discreet pocket carry no matter your chosen attire.
Kershaw Sinkevich Pub Multi-Function Knife
Designed by Belarussian custom knifemaker Dmitry Sinkevich, the Kershaw Pub looks like nothing you’ve ever seen.
Kershaw Skeeter Scissors
The Skeeter III scissors are great for small tasks for around the house but truly shine as precise trimmers on the hunt or out on the water.
Kershaw Speed Bump
Great full size SpeedSafe assisted opening flipper designed by custom knifemaker, Ken Onion.
Kershaw Spoke Assisted Flipper
With its blade length of just 2 inches, the Kershaw Spoke is easy to take along with you just about anywhere. But even with such a compact blade, this knife is plenty useful.
Kershaw Swerve Assisted Folding Knife
The extra-wide, drop-point blade offers excellent slicing and will handle just about any other kind of cutting task as well.
Kershaw Taskmaster Folding Saw and Scissors
Extremely handy, extremely powerful—and won’t take up a lot of room in your gear.
Kershaw Tension
With a wide blade on a streamlined folding knife, the Tension from Kershaw brings a lot of cutting potential in an affordable package.
Kershaw Thermite Assisted Flippers
With tactical styling and practical performance, the Thermite, designed by Rick Hinderer, has a great look and great features.
Kershaw Torx Tools
Switching a pocket clip, tightening a screw, or adjusting the pivot tension — Kershaw has you covered with the right tool for every adjustment.
Kershaw Traditional Slipjoint Pocket Knives
This series includes the Gadsdan, Brandywine, and Culpepper slipjoints offering classic style with modern upgrades.
Kershaw Tumbler Flipper Knife
Based on Dmitry Sinkevich's custom Headly, the Tumbler is a feature-laden EDC with top-notch styling.
Kershaw Valve Assisted Flipper Knife
The Valve is a compact EDC knife built like a tank to be the only thing you need to get you through the day.
Kershaw Vedder
Kershaw's Vedder offers distinctive looks and top function.
Kershaw Volt
SpeedSafe assisted opening plus the convenience of a flipper.
Kershaw Wilden
An unobtrusive and streamlined design brings its own kind of style in the Wilden flipper knife
Kershaw XCOM
Kershaw and custom knifemaker Les George took inspiration from a classic U.S. World War II trench knife design and turned it into a handy folder.
Kershaw Zing
The Zing SS is a value priced, everyday carrying knife with a clean look and lots of style.


The legend continues.

Kai USA Ltd., in proud partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America, introduce ZT (Zero Tolerance) Knives, a NEW division focused on the research and development of combat-ready knives designed to meet the rigorous demands of the military and law enforcement.

ZT’s “Mudd” knife, model 0500 wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Most Innovative American Design” award. Kai USA Ltd. wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Publisher’s Award” for its partnership with the Paralyzed Veterans of America. Shun Elite 10” Chef’s knife, model SG0405 wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Kitchen Knife of the Year” award. Kershaw’s E.T. (External Toggle), model 1900 wins IWA “International Knife Award”. Kai USA Ltd. wins the Sur La Table “Vendor of the Year” award.

Kai USA Ltd. (Kershaw Knives and Shun Cutlery) sweep Blade Magazine’s Blade Show with an unprecedented 4 awards! The E.T. (External Toggle), model 1900, wins the “Most Innovative American Made Knife of the Year” award. Kershaw’s OffSet, model 1597 with its technologically advanced “MIM-HIP” (metal injection-molded blade and 3-D machined handle) wins the “Overall Knife of the Year” award. Shun’s Ken Onion 8” Chef’s Knife, model DM0500
wins “Kitchen Knife of the Year” and the Spyderco Spyker, model C96 wins the “Knife Collaboration of the Year” award.
Professional Bull Rider Guilherme Marchi sponsored by Kershaw Knives wins the PBR World Finals Average Champion title and finishes the season ranked second in the world.

Kershaw’s “National Geographic” Carabiner Tool, model 1004 with it’s patented features wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Most Innovative Import Knife of the Year” award.

Kai USA Ltd. moves it divisions (marketing, manufacturing, R&D, warehousing and shipping) to a new state-of-the-art 55,000 sq. ft. facility located in the beautiful Tualatin valley just minutes south of Portland, Oregon.

Kai USA Ltd., expands its marketing presence in the United States by introducing the “Shun” line of cutlery and establishes a Housewares division to compliment the exploded growth of Kershaw Knives. The Shun Classic 8" Santoku, (kitchen knife) model DM0718, wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Kitchen Knife of the Year” award.

Kershaw introduces Ken Onion’s Leek with SpeedSafe®, model 1660VIB, the first knife with a (Rainbow Finish), wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “Overall Knife of the Year” award.

Kershaw’s Ken Onion designed Black Chive, model 1600BLK with SpeedSafe® wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “American Made Knife of the Year” award.

Kershaw’s Ken Onion designed Boa, model 1580 with SpeedSafe® wins IWA “International Knife Award”.

Kershaw introduces the first Ken Onion designs with SpeedSafe®. Random Task, model 1510 wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “American Made Knife of the Year” award.

Kershaw introduces the first Ken Onion designs with SpeedSafe®. Random Task, model 1510 wins Blade Magazine’s Blade Show “American Made Knife of the Year” award.

Under the direction of Mr. Koji Endo, CEO of Kai Corp., Japan, Hiroshi (Jack) Igarashi of Kai Corp, Japan is appointed Executive Vice President of Kai USA Ltd. dba Kershaw Knives.

Kershaw Knives expands Wilsonville facility to include manufacturing, marketing and warehousing. One of the first products to be manufactured in the USA by Kershaw Knives was the Multi-Tool, model A100C, with its unique, adjustable pliers and thumb-stud one hand opening knife blade.

Alaskan Blade Trader model 1098AK, with its patented gut-hook skinning blade was added to Kershaw’s ever expanding product line.

Two new series added to Kershaw’s product line; Liner Lock series and the unique Lever Action series.

Kershaw’s ever popular Blade Trader series receives a new handle design, and the line is expanded to include a Hunter’s Blade Trader and Fisherman’s Blade Trader.

Kershaw’s limited-edition Scrimshaw originals by renowned artist Walter Alexander, expands to include hunting dogs, African wildlife, waterfowl and North American wildlife.

New series added to the Kershaw product line; American Hand-Crafted Stag, Saber Tooth folders, Maniago work knives, and a new line of dress knives and accessories.

D.W.O., the biggest selling small knife inspires bold new colors. Taskmaster Shears introduced.

In memory of Delley Wade Officer (1960-1984), the D.W.O. model 3000 was added to the Officer Ranch Series.

Kershaw moves into its new facility in Wilsonville, Oregon.

Kershaw expands its market into Europe, as Kai Cutlery Europe.

Kershaw expands the line of Field knives, Folding Pocket knives, and introduces its Floating Fish Fillet knives.

Kai Cutlery Co. Ltd. purchases Kershaw Knives and creates Kai USA Ltd. (marketing), Kai Cutlery Hong Kong Ltd. (marketing).

Kai Cutlery USA Ltd. (marketing).

Kershaw Knives opens for business in Lake Oswego, Oregon with its no-hassle, lifetime guarantee.

European Liaison Office, Düsseldorf, West Germany.

Kai Cutlery Center Co., Ltd. (research and development).

Endo Cutlery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (kitchen cutlery manufacturing).

Sanwa Cutlery Industry Co., Ltd. (nail clippers, scissors and cutters manufacturing).

Sanwa Precision Works Co., Ltd. (manufacturing and machinery).

Kai Razor Co., Ltd. (razor and blade manufacturing).

Sanwa Cutlery Co., Ltd. (marketing company established).

Endo Manufacturing Co. (manufacturing and Marketing).


Limited Lifetime Warranty
Kershaw products are guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner to be free of defects when received from the factory. Any product we find to be defective in its original material, construction, or workmanship will be repaired or replaced with the same item or one of equal value at no charge. (Of course, normal wear, abuse such as prying with the knife, or neglect are excluded from this non-transferable warranty.) For warranty service, please return product via UPS or insured mail. Include your name, address, telephone number, and a short explanation of the warranty service requested to the address below. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Kai USA ltd., Kershaw Knives
18600 SW Teton Avenue
Tualatin, OR 97062

Kershaw Knives are intended and sold for legitimate sporting purposes only. The purchase, use, and ownership of knives are subject to a wide variety of local laws and regulations. Certain knife styles, blade designs, and blade lengths are not allowed in specific areas. In light of recent events involving national security, knives may not be permitted in government buildings or on government property (such as court houses, federal offices, national monuments, and airports), and government officials may take the position that knives are “weapons” under applicable laws. Due to the complexity and constantly changing nature of these laws and regulations, it is impossible for Kai USA ltd., Kershaw Knives, to be aware of every restriction in every location in which our knives may be sold or carried. It is the responsibility of the buyer to investigate and comply with the laws and regulations that apply in his or her specific area. You, and not Kai USA ltd., Kershaw Knives, are solely responsible for any claims resulting from violation of these laws and/or regulations.

WARNING! Knives are extremely sharp tools and should only be used with the utmost care and caution. Any use other than cutting is considered misuse and abuse and will void your warranty.

Kershaw products are made in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, Sweden and China as indicated on the product.

We reserve the right to change specifications, materials, or discontinue products at any time without notice.


18600 SW Teton Avenue
Tualatin, Oregon 97062
Phone: (503) 682-1966
Fax: (503) 682-7168