Brunton Gentleman's Pocket Compass
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These days it's hard to find a company that practices what they preach. At Brunton, we stand for the same things you do. We play where you do, and we share our love for the outdoors with our family and friends, just like you do. We value time spent outside to breathe the fresh air and recharge our minds. And we want smartly designed equipment that works well in any outdoor activity we participate in.

We reinforce our no holds barred attitude by bringing campers some of the most inspiring and innovative products of all time. From design to testing, to ultimately taking it home, we make this stuff because we want it just as much as you do. That's what makes us different. We share more than gear, we share a passion for the outdoors that carries over into all facets of our lives. It's a motto, it's an attitude and it's a rally cry for outdoor enthusiasts around the globe: Live Wide Open.



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