The Fisher Astronaut Pens
Used on all Apollo and Shuttle missions. Press end of pen to open/close. Includes pocket clip.
Bullet Models
Possibly the most popular or at least well known space pen. The closable bullet models offer the same specifications of the original pen, but in a smaller compact size.
Bullet Space Pen
The Bullet is the classic small space pen model where the cap fits on the back of the pen for a full size writing implement.
Specialty Pens
Pens not part of a series but unique in their own way. All use pressurized ink, can be used in any conditions.
X-750 Series
Pressurized ink cartridge contains visco-elastic, thixotropic, permanent type ink with smoothly polished tungsten carbide ball.
M4 Cap-o-matic Series
Designed up to Fisher Standards, the Cap-o-matics are a retractable pen line from Fisher coming in a variety of finishes and colors.
Q-4 Quad Function
A great multi-use pen. Four functions: red ink, black ink, pencil and stylus.
Police Pro and Zero Gravity Series
Special ink formula allows cartridge to last twice as long as average cartridge.
Bullet Cartridge Space Pen
Cap for these Space Pen Cartridge models are actual inert shells.
Ink Refills
Universal ink refills for all space pens. Available in different colors and point sizes.
We also offer replacement pocket clips
Slightly larger than the famous Bullet models, the INFINIUM pens come with a "Lifetime" ink supply and classy finishes.


Here's a little history about the Fisher Space Pen Company. 
In the 1950's there were dozens of ballpoint models, and nearly every one took a different cartridge. In 1953 Paul Fisher invented the "Universal Refill" which could be used in most pens. It was a good seller, since stationery store owners could reduce their stock of assorted refills.

Not content, Paul continued to work on making a better refill. After much experimentation he perfected a refill using thixotropic ink-semisolid until the shearing action of the rolling ball liquefied it-that would flow only when needed. The cartridge was pressurized with nitrogen so that it didn't rely on gravity to make it work. It was dependable in freezing cold and desert heat. It could also write underwater and upside down. The trick was to have the ink flow when you wanted it to, and not to flow the rest of the time, a problem Fisher solved. Fisher's development couldn't have come at a more opportune time. The space race was on, and the astronauts involved in the Mercury and Gemini missions had been using pencils to take notes in space since standard ball points did not work in zero gravity. The Fisher cartridge did work in the weightlessness of outer space and the astronauts, beginning with the October, 1968 Apollo 7 mission began using the Fisher AG-7 Space Pen and cartridge developed in 1966.

1965 - Patent # 3,285,228: Anti-Gravity Pen The original AG7 Anti-Gravity pen was developed by Paul Fisher

1968 - Fisher Space pens used on Apollo 7 after two years of testing by NASA

1976 - The Fisher Space Pen Co moves into its 30,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Boulder City, Nevada from Van Nuys, California.

1980 - Paul Fisher was selected Small Business Person of the Year for the State of Nevada

1983 - Fisher Space Pen is used by Ronald Reagan to sign the Proclamation inaugurating the Air and Space Bicentennial Year to celebrate Man's first flight in a hot air balloon near Paris France

1985 - Fisher Space Pen Co. produces the Stowaway pen line manufactured using genuine gold from the treasure recovered from the 1622 Spanish Galleon - Nuestra Señora de Atocha

1995-96 - Fisher Space Pen Co. received the Nevada Governor's Industrial Appreciation Award as Exporter of the Year

1996 - Good Morning America names the Fisher Space Pen a best stocking stuffer
1996 - Fisher licensed to produce 150th Anniversary Pens for the Smithsonian

1997 - Used during Everest North Face Ski Expedition
- Associated Press released a national article on the Fisher Space Pen Co.

1998 - The Fisher Space Pen is used on the Russian Space Station Mir to write the letters QVV (QVC Shopping Network) - the first product sold in space
- Seinfeld builds an episode around the Fisher Space Pen - Seinfeld is berated by his parents for accepting the pen as a gift from a neighbor who offers it as a token of friendship.

2006 - Sadly, Paul Fisher passed away at the age of 93.  The company continues under the leadership of his son, Cary Fisher and almost 100 seasoned employees, many who have been with the company for many decades.

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