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About Us

Dark Ops Knives are made from a proprietary hybrid alloy of Chromium, Cobalt, Tungsten, Vanadium, and Molybdenum with surgical grade stainless steel! CTV2 offers both strength and edge holding ability that is unrivaled! Zone selective cryogenic hardening allows for medical grade edge sharpness while avoiding the brittleness of high Rockwell hardness!

The American Serviceman deserves the best. It isn't often that a Soldier, Sailor, Airman, or Marine needs his knife in a lethal engagement. But should you run out of ammo and need to fight through the mob, these are the tools to use! They are considered by many to be the most effective edged combat weapons in existence today. Dark Ops Knives feature brutally rugged construction designed to perform in the gravest extremes. They do not contain complicated locking mechanisms that plug with sand or toy like cosmetic features. The blades are nearly double the thickness of imitators. The locking system has been proven in combat and is as strong as the CTV2 steel itself, with the pressure not born by small plunge locks, thumb studs, or unreliable liner locks. Made by operators for operators in the greatest country in the world!

By the time you are using your knife and not your rifle or sidearm, things have already gone to hell. Our knives are designed to retain maximum grip and leverage when covered with hydraulic fluid or blood. Our mil-tested handle designs contain ground quartz inserts for maximum grip, aided by substantial finger grooves that orient the knife in the dark. The blades are long and sharp enough to penetrate both airplane skins and Comm-bloc body-armor.

Warranty Info

Dear Valued Dark Ops™ Customer,

Your Knife is warranted against manufactures defects for as long as you own it! This doesn't cover obvious abuse or neglect, or normal wear and tear. Should it fail to perform as needed, please send it to us at the address below, and we will fix it or give you a new one! To ensure our service guarantee, you must take a moment to fill out the warranty card that came with your knife. If we don't have you on file, we can't validate your warranty. The info you provide us as a field user is invaluable in helping us develop new advancements. By returning the warranty card, we will be able to send you new info as well as special sales promotions taking place at the Dark Ops™

Dark Operations Fighting Knives, LLC

2231 W. Sunset St. Springfield, MO 65807 USA