Pro-Tech Brend AUTO Folding Knife
The Walter Brend AUTO is a large pocket knife with super action and Brend's famous "Model 1" blade shape in an easily carried package.
Pro-Tech Don AUTO Folding Knife
The Don is where classic styling, modern 3D CNC machining, and unequaled craftsmanship converge to give you a custom feel on each and every model.
Pro-Tech Emerson CQC7 AUTO Folding Knife
These are the fastest opening Emerson Knives on the market, bar none, which are 100% Emerson on the inside, and 100% Pro-Tech on the outside.
Pro-Tech Godfather AUTO Folding Knife
This awesome 4" blade AUTO knife represents the influence of original Italian "Stiletto" style and Pro-Tech's modern coil spring precision.
Pro-Tech Godson AUTO Folding Knife
Like Father, Like Son. This is the highly anticipated 3.25" blade version of the popular Godfather AUTO, available in many of the same configurations.
Pro-Tech Malibu Manual Flipper
Pro-Tech has an instant winner with the Malibu manual flipper; the perfect EDC for the rest of us that cannot carry an automatic.
Pro-Tech Strider PT AUTO Folding Knife
The Pro-Strider PT is an Automatic variation of the popular PT everyday carry folder from Strider Knives.
Pro-Tech Strider SnG AUTO Folding Knife
Strider's most popular knife, the SnG, is available in a hard-hitting AUTO dubbed the Pro-Strider SnG, available in a number of different variations.
Pro-Tech TR-3 Tactical Response III Folding Knife
The TR-3 Tactical Response III and Integrity manual folders are some of the most stylish tactical knives on the market and are built to withstand harsh use and abuse.
Pro-Tech Whiskers Magic Folding Knife
Designed in collaboration with Mike "Whiskers" Allen, this bolster release AUTO is simply Magic!
Our family has over 45 years of retail cutlery industry experience. This longstanding history of excellence in sales and customer service is the foundation that our Pro-Tech Brand of knives has been built on.
Each Pro-Tech knife is a blend of the finest materials available and a commitment to craftsmanship. Our knives are built with the most current high tech manufacturing processes that include; CNC Machining, Wire EDM, Laser Cutting, etc. The high tech components are assembled and hand fit by dedicated and caring craftsmen here in our Santa Fe Springs, California facility. We manufacture small batches of our knives so that we can take the time to individually hand fit and finish each knife to a level rarely seen in a factory knife.
Our production automatic knives offer the best design, function, and value of any knife on the market today. Our custom automatic knives are unique pieces of art. Each of our custom, limited-edition knives is a showpiece of heirloom quality. No matter which of our knives you choose, we are confident that you will be very satisfied with your purchase.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
Each Pro-Tech Knife is warranted to the original purchaser to be free from defects in materials and craftsmanship by Pro-Tech Knives, LLC.
What is covered
Replacement parts and labor only.
What is not covered
Our warranty does not cover normal wear, damage caused by neglect, misuse, or failure to perform resonable maintenance. Natural handle materials (bone, pearl, wood, ivory, etc.) are not covered. Disassembles knives are not covered.
Pro-Tech Knives, LLC shall not be liable for consequential damages, incidental damages, including any damage to persons or property. Pro-Tech Knives liability is limited to the purchase price of the knife only. Such exclusions of incidental or consequential damages vary from state to state.
Return Policy
Automatic knives (with the exception of 2 inch blades in California) returned for warranty consideration must include a copy of the owner's military or police I.D.
All knives returned for warranty consideration must include a $10 handling and return postage fee. Please see our Contact Information for shipping address.
Do NOT disassemble your knife, IT WILL VOID the warranty!
Never use your new knife as a chisel, punch, pry bar or screwdriver.
"California Legal" Knives
"California Legal" switchblades refers to automatic knives with less than 2 inch long blades being legal for carry in the state of California. This is based in Ca. Penal code 653k (...a switchblade knife having a blade of two or more inches in length...). The Pro-Tech models Runt, Stinger, Sidekick, & Mini-OTF have blades shorter than two inches and are not prohibited under this penal code.
Military and Law Enforcement Availability
In compliance with sections 18 USC 1716 (G)(2)(1-4) and 15 USC 1244(2-4) the knives herein shown are available to MILITARY and LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES ONLY, no exceptions will be made.