Microtech Ultratech
Microtech's first dual action out-the-front automatic, the Ultratech is slim and lightweight. A great EDC sized OTF auto.
Microtech UTX
Another shrunken version of the Ultratech, the UTX series is svelte and light enough to be at your side every hour of every day.
Microtech Borka Knives
Designed in collaboration with Sebastijan Berenji, AKA Borka, these are some of his most popular models available in high-end production form with great price points.
Microtech Socom Elite
The flared finger choil and the shear size of the Socom Elite knives make them excellent hard use, tactical, duty blades.
Microtech Arbiter
A wicked Bowie-style design from Adam Marfione, the Arbiter features dual edges for maximum tactical effectiveness.
Microtech Coins
The origin of the Challenge Coin is still up for debate but its purpose is not. It signifies a special achievement or membership within a specialized organization.
Microtech Dirac
Microtech's first OTF Auto with a side cover firing slider, the Dirac is a stylish knife with great opening and closing action.
Microtech Exocet
Designed with a sub-2" CA-legal blade and some of Microtech's best action ever, the Exocet is the money clip OTF auto you didn't know you needed.
Microtech Hawk
2019 sees the rebirth of the classic Hawk push-button automatic knife. Originally released in 1996, this knife revisits the classic folder with updated aesthetic features redesigned for a sleeker finish and increased functionality.
Microtech Iconic
The Iconic might be the perfect karambit. Designed in collaboration between Bastinelli and Microtech Knives, it is a compact fixed blade that packs an incredible punch.
Microtech LUDT
A perfect EDC push button automatic, the LUDT is lightweight, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. Needless to say, super fast as well.
Microtech SBD
The SBD Dagger, from Microtech and Borka Blades, is an impressive combat knife with an intimidating look and simply superb ergonomics.
Microtech Siphon Pens
Microtech's tactical and stylish EDC pen with a lever-style design and compact form factor.
Microtech TAC-P Tactical Spike
The TAC-P emergency tool is equipped with a hollow sharpened spike, proprietary glass breaker, and Kydex sheath with Ulti Clip so it's always ready to go.
Microtech Troodon
An ergonomic, contoured handle and a variety of blade shapes and sizes make the Troodon an excellent tactical OTF automatic.

About Microtech



MICROTECH KNIVES INC.  was established in 1994 with a simple mission:  

TO MAKE THE BEST POSSIBLE KNIVES. This mission is still true today.

Our goal is to attain and maintain extremely high quality knives throughout the evolution of growth and change. Founder, Anthony Marfione’s objective is to ensure that everyday, each customer would receive the highest quality knife that money could buy. We deliver personalized service with exceptional attention to detail. Even though, we produce thousand of specialized knives, the quest for quality remains our primary focus.



The MICROTECH reputation has continued to stress quality which means:

  • Extremely close tolerance – Our Designers and Technicians measure to the thousandths to ensure precision action.
  • Only USA manufactured parts, material and labor.
  • We research and test only the highest grade of Tool Steel, Aircraft Alloy and component pieces – all developed by USA Manufactures.
  • Approximately 95% of all parts are fabricated by us not for us.
  • Designed and engineered by experts –aiming to meet and exceed customer 
    needs, targeting ease in application and effectiveness.
  • Life time limited warranty of all MICROTECH products

During our history, we have produced revolutionary Tactical Knives, and in keeping with our tradition, we continue to introduce new innovative products, striving for excellence.

We WILL continue to be one of the World’s finest in pioneering creative and inventive designs.




If you have any questions about any of our products, need help accessing any of our web sites, or if you need more information in general, or if you need press materials or information, please contact one of our representatives below:

Microtech Small Arms Research 
270 Rutledge Road, Suite D
Fletcher, NC 28732