Case Amber Bone
A great series with Amber colored bone handles and some with non-stainless chrome vanadium steel blades.
Case Bermuda Green Bone
If you've ever spent time on a lush tropical island, you'll recognize the vibrant green color that makes these Bermuda Green Bone knives unique.
Case Black & White Fiber Weave
This black and white handle material is comprised of a specially woven combination of Carbon Fiber and G-10 - yielding an incredibly light, yet ultra-tough handle that really holds up to heavy use.
Case Black Canvas Laminate
Bold but subdued, the Black Canvas Laminate blend of synthetic materials stands up to the punishment of everyday carry in an unforgiving environment.
Case Blue Bone
Beautiful color bone with Case shield. The color is great and Case quality always superb.
Case Blue Pearl Kirinite
Reminiscent of the ocean waves or the evening sky, Blue Pearl Kirinite puts the spirit of the sea and the soaring excitement of the heavens in the hand of its owner.
Case BoneStag
Great quality folding hunters using quality materials in traditional designs from Case Knives.
Case Boy Scouts of America
Classic American made pocket knives with the official Scout logo. We offer a variety of scout knives for using and collecting.
Case Burnt Amber Bone
Rich, deep hues highlight the Burnt Amber Bone handle complete with standard jigging and Tru-Sharp surgical steel blades ensuring lasting beauty and reliable function.
Case Caribbean Blue Bone
Dazzling, Sawcut jigged bone in stunning Caribbean Blue draws the eye to a convergence of color, craftsmanship, and convenience.
Case Chestnut Bone
The changing seasons inspire us to bring out our best, and this collection of Case Smooth and jigged Chestnut Bone knives are really attractive.
Case Dark Red Bone
By combining one of the most popular steels with a richly colored handle it creates a knife destined to become a modern classic.
Case Deep Canyon Light Purple Bone
The Case Deep Canyon Jig gives this family a rugged look and feel, making it the perfect fit for any adventure seeker.
Case Earth Brown G10
The sturdy grip of jigged G10 is complimented in an earth brown tone to convey an attitude that gets the job done.
Case G10
The incredible durability of this fiberglass and epoxy composite makes these G10 pocket knives fit for hard work indoors or out.
Case Genuine Burnt Stag
A beautiful collection of Case knives featuring scales of genuine India stag antler handles. A real quality choice.
Case Geometric
The smooth gray bone scales feature an embellished geometric pattern to provide added traction and a little bit of flair.
Case Green Sparkle Kirinite
The stunning green Kirinite scales of this series will dazzle the eye like emeralds as you use one of these classic Case patterns.
Case Hunter Green
A collection of deep, rich hunter green bone scales with Case script shields on classic knife patterns.
Case Jigged Emerald Green Bone
With a vibrant splash of green over classic jigged bone and intricately worked bolsters, these knives are sure to become a favorite.
Case Jigged SparXX Logo Knives
These knives bear Standard Synthetic handles and a glimmering Case logo to complete the look.
Case Jigged Synthetic
Nearly indestructible synthetic handles plus classic jigging make these a great American pocketknife series for the serious user.
Case Kickstart Knives
The Kickstart Series features Case's patented assisted opening mechanism for quick and efficient opening.
Case Kirinite Patriot
This is the first series from Case to use Kirinite and the red, white and blue hue gives it a fitting name... Patriot.
Case Leather Hunter
Case's Leather Hunter Family is a line of beautifully designed hunting fixed blades that are capable of being your go-to hunting knife.
Case Lightweight Pink Camo
A pink digital camo design, made especially for the ladies. These are useful knives for anyone.
Case Marines
The United States Marine Corps will appreciate the thought and care that goes into each of these collectible pieces.
Case Masonic Knives
This series honors the Freemasons in their ever present search for more light.
Case Natural Box Elder
Nothing looks quite so good as a polished and well finished natural wood. Enjoy the natural tones and burls of this stunning line of Box Elder wood-handled knives!
Case Natural Brown Canvas Laminate
A series of knives with a brown canvas laminate that provides a rustic, working knife look.
Case Navy Bone with Red Shield
A handsome color combination of Case standard models. The red shield really stands out and makes these remarkable.
Case Olive Green Bone
Some of Case's most popular patterns are featured here with olive green jigged bone scales and embellished surgical steel blades.
Case Pocket Worn
Case Pocket Worn knives are a favorite with those who appreciate a good-feeling, hard-working knife. The ever changing handle material make these a favorite with knife collectors.
Case Pocket Worn Harvest Orange Bone
If you’ve ever had to spend an autumn away from the vibrant foliage and your favorite woods, then you’ll appreciate the knife that lets you carry it with you all year long. With this Pocket Worn collection, you’ve got the beauty of the fall season close at hand.
Case Red Stag
Crafted in the tradition of stag knives from the 40s and 50s, these Red Stag knives are sure to become an instant classic.
Case Ridgeback
With strong Zytel handles, these are classic hunters. Made in the USA by Case Knives.
Case Sawcut Jig Dark Molasses Bone
Try out one of the rich Dark Molasses Sawcut-jigged knives and see how sweet your Case pocketknife collection can be.
Case Second Cut Antique Bone Series
Very classy series with a vintage look and feel.
Case Shark Tooth Flipper
A flipper knife series with a serious bite. "Gill" grooves on the G10 inlays add to the aquatic look of the knife.
Case Small Lockbacks
These small lockbacks provide extra portability without sacrificing knife durability or function.
Case Smooth Antique Bone
This classy collection will age beautifully over time.
Case Smooth Blue G10
A series of Case knives with a deep color topped off with a Case shield.
Case Smooth Natural Bone War Series
This popular Trapper collection showcases our nation's finest at work during some of our country's most defining moments.
Case Star Spangled
Crafted with pride and attention to detail, this patriotic series celebrates the values, history and spirit of America.
Case Toasted Color Wash Natural Bone
With a rustic, natural look, the Toasted Bone suits the classic design of Case knives.
Case Tony Bose
Designed by custom knifemaker Tony Bose, this series has near custom quality levels and materials. Annual releases are highly collectible.
Case US Army
The US Army is honored with this series of embellished bone handle pocket knives.
Case US Navy
Case is honoring those who protect us with another series, this time for the US Navy.
Case V-42 Military Fighting Stiletto
This re-created V-42 fighting stiletto from Case Knives is like that of ones issued to the First Special Service Force during WWII.
Case Whiskey
The beautiful whiskey bone used to make the knife handles in this collection comes from the shin of Zebu cattle found in Brazil with a very subtle jigged pattern.
Case Wicked Purple Kirinite
The deep purple of these Kirinite handles give the knives an almost regal feel.
Case Winkler Knives
Winkler Knives and Case have joined forces to create a utilitarian field knife that's lightweight and balanced, yet tough enough for an American hero like Kevin "Skinner" Holland.
Case Wooden Knife Kits
A great gift for the up-and-coming knife collector, comes with unsharpened wood blades. Sand and stain to your heart's content!
Case Work
Countless hardworking people depend on these rugged knives every day. Each knife is made with an impact-resistant synthetic handle.
Case Worked Bolster
These knives with genuine bone handles are sure to put a smile on your face, with artful designs hand-worked into the bolsters.
Wood Handle Fixed Blades
Classic American made fixed blades with wooden handles.
Folding Pocket Knives
All Case folding knives. Quite a list!
Fixed Blade Knives
List of all Case fixed blade knives.
Gift Sets
Real collectibles with a selection that changes regularly. We have some featuring Dale Earnhardt, Jr as well as John Wayne and Johnny Cash.
Folding Hunters
Great quality folding hunters using quality materials in traditional designs from Case Knives.
Display Cases
Genuine Cherry Wood Countertop Display Cases to show off your favorite Case Knives.
Kitchen Knives
Case offers quality American made kitchen cutlery at very affordable prices.
Knife Luggage
Beautiful zipper cases for transporting your valuable pocket knives!
Lightweight Hunting Knives
Economical fixed blades from Case Knives.
Liner Lock Knives
These great little folding pocket knives from Case Knives bring together classic design and ease of use to create a great selection of practical knives.
Lockback Knives
These easy-to-open, easy-to-close solid pocket knives are big and tough for your important work.
Paste Metal Polish
Case Paste will restore shine to bolsters, blades, and shields leaving your knife looking like new.
Polishing Cloths
Super soft polishing cloths to clean and polish your knives.
Top quality sheaths to safety store and carry your favorite pocket knives.
Baby Butterbean Knives
The Baby Butterbean is like a small Canoe folder with a spear and pen blade in a very compact package.
Bowie Knives
Whether you're hunting or performing the heaviest outdoor tasks, you'll feel ready and secure with these solid, dependable knives.
Canoe Knives
The copperhead bolsters of this equal-end knife pattern make the knife resemble the shape of a canoe; Spear and pen blades are common.
Case Gift Sets
Great limited edition pocket knife sets which are great for gift giving.
Case Kickstart Knives
The Kickstart Series features Case's patented assisted opening mechanism for quick and efficient opening.
Cheetah Knives
Slim, sleek, shaped lockback pattern with a clip blade and a swing guard.
Chrome Vanadium Knives
Case's non-stainless steel blades with all your favorite patterns and a variety of handle colors.
Case Commemoratives represent some of the finest products offered in any collectables market.
Copperhead Knives
Jack knife with the pocket end bolster shaped like a Copperhead snake's head.
Copperlock Knives
One part trapper, one part copperhead, one part lockback and 100% Case best describes this Case Lockback.
Equestrian Knives
Built on the Trapper frame, the clip blade and hoof pick make this a great tool for both horse and rider.
Executive Lockbacks
Gentlemen's lockback with stainless steel handles.
Fishing/Fillet Knives
Case Knives fishing knives including folders with scaler blades.
Hawkbill Pruners
Hawkbill pruning knives are great for quickly slicing round objects or ripping up carpet with ease.
Term that applies to slot knives typically have a knife, fork and possibly a spoon. The scales slip apart for individual utensil use and when finished, lock together again to form a pocket knife.
Muskrat Knives
Serpentine shaped double-end knife with two muskrat clip blades - used for skinning and fleshing animals.
Peanut Knives
Small serpentine-shaped jack knife, shaped like the peanut shell, ususally with a clip and pen blade.
Pen Knives
A knife pattern where the blades open from opposite ends of the handle, usually a clip and pen blade; also referred as a small gentleman's knife.
RussLock Knives
A knurled lever on the back of the clip blade makes this a one-hand opening knife, including with a liner lock, this was named in memory of W.R. Case & Sons founder, Russ Case.
Saddlehorn Knives
A curved or clasp style Jack knife whose handles resembles the shape of a saddlehorn.
Sturdy utility knife featuring one skinning blade. Available in various colors and sizes.
Sowbelly Knives
Heavy duty Cattleman/Stockman style knife with a rounded shape frame resembling the shape of a sow's belly.
Stockman Knives
A double-ended knife pattern with a curved handle. Generally has three blades; a clip master, a small spey and sheepfoot or other small blade.
Toothpick Knives
The Small Texas Toothpicks are very slim, lightweight, and easy to carry. They're surprisingly good cutters as well!
Trapper Knives
Jack knife with one or two blades designed for skinning animals and similar duties.

About Case

W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of premium, hand-crafted knives that are passed down for generations.  Based in Bradford, PA, Case’s offerings include a wide variety of knives that fit virtually any need, from convenient folding pocketknives and fixed blade sporting knives to limited edition commemoratives and collectibles. 

The company’s rich history began in 1889 when William Russell (“W.R.”), Jean, John, and Andrew Case began fashioning their knives and selling them along a wagon trail in upstate New York. A unique tang stamp dating system used since the very early days of its history has cemented the Case brand as one of the most recognized and valuable collectibles in the industry.  Today the Case Company is owned by Zippo Manufacturing, another family-owned business based in Bradford.  

In 2007, Case celebrated the 160th anniversary since the birth of W.R. Case, the first man to serve as President of the Company.  His guidance was critical in stabilizing the company’s early finances while building the company’s reputation as a dependable producer of high-quality products. 

Today, Case credits its associates with maintaining its industry position by blending innovative design with an inexhaustible array of materials. Case’s pioneering spirit is shown in several of its original knife patterns, like the CopperLock®, Baby Butterbean®, Sod Buster®, XX-Changer®, Baby Doc, Tiny Trapper, and the all-new Hunter Trapper, Tiny Muskrat, and Jr. Scout.

To further expand its product offerings, the company has secured licensing agreements with several American icons including: Boy Scouts of America®, Ducks Unlimited®, John Deere, Sturm, Ruger and Company, Inc., Johnny Cash (under license from the John R. Cash Revocable Trust), John Wayne (under license from Wayne Enterprises, and others.

Case’s commitment to quality is evident in the 125 pairs of hands it takes to create one knife.  Artisans shape handles from rare Brazilian cattle bone and Buffalo horn to more delicate substances like rosewood, mother-of-pearl, and stag. Metals like brass, nickel, and silver highlight each form, bringing together a knife that’s not only beautiful, but one that will stand the tests of time and use. 

The Case Collectors Club is the largest knife collecting association in the world with 18,000 members.  Club members enjoy exclusive knife offers, a quarterly publication entitled The Case Collector, and other benefits including an open invitation to participate in a “Walk and Talk Tour” of the Case factory.  The company co-sponsors a biennial Swap Meet with Zippo that lures enthusiasts from all corners of the globe to Bradford, PA to buy, trade, and share their most prized collection pieces. 

What Makes Case Different



Made in the U.S.A.
Since 1889 every Case Knife is made with pride in the United States.



Every knife is hand crafted by the most skilled artisans and cutlers in the business.

160 steps.
Each knife takes over 160 manufacturing processes to complete.

Case knives are cherished possessions passed down through generations and hand crafted to stand the test of time.

Tested XX.
The Tested XX is a symbol of Case's commitment to quality which can be traced back to the early days of Case when blades were tempered and tested not just once (X), but twice (XX).

The 18,000 members of the Case Collectors Club can attest to the fact that Case knives are the most collected knives in the world.

Natural Handles.
Case stretches to the far corners of the earth to find the finest natural handle materials available.

Premium Knives.
Case is dedicated to making the everyday tool into a valuable treasure for discerning men and women who want more than just a knife.

Case has been making pocketknives since 1889. With over a century of experience, we know how to make a premium pocketknife.

Warranty & Repairs

The Case Limited Lifetime Warranty
We warrant each and every Case knife to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the owner, and we will repair or replace with a new Case knife, at our option, any Case knife that is defective. That’s how strongly we feel about the quality of our cutlery. If you believe your Case knife has a manufacturing defect, mail your knife along with a written explanation of the problem to: W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Repairs Department, Owens Way, Bradford, PA 16701. Case does not warrant its products against normal wear or misuse. Case knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers. If your knife was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. This Warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

Repair Statement
When sending knives to Case, please be sure to note if the knife has sentimental or collectable value. Knives covered under the warranty that cannot be repaired, are replaced. If a knife is replaced, the owner does not receive the original knife back. If a knife has sentimental or collectable value, we will return the original knife and not replace as noted. You will be contacted by mail if repair charges apply. Some knives cannot be repaired depending on the limited availability of parts. Case will furnish a currently manufactured item that most closely matches the item sent in for repair. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks for servicing. We recommend that you insure your package. Email the repair center at 


W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co.
PO Box 4000, Owens Way
Bradford, PA 16701 USA

Phone: 1-800-523-6350 
Fax: 814-368-1736