Al Mar Classic Collection
A line of knives with classic or natural handle materials that lend a bit of extra class.
Al Mar Osprey
Small, Gentleman's knives that are top quality and collectible. These are available in a variety of handle materials.
Al Mar Payara
Unique blade shape and typical Al Mar quality.
Al Mar SERE 2000
A combat folder with G-10 handle and several configurations.
Al Mar SERE 2020 Assisted Opening Folding Knives
A classic fighting knife staple, these SERE 2020 assisted opening knives have modern materials with affordable prices.
Al Mar Stinger Keychain Knife
The Stinger is a great concealable knife you can put on your keychain. It may be short in stature but the sharp D2 blade performs tasks from opening letters to providing self-defense.
Al Mar Ultralight Series
A line of Al Mar knives that are made to be light and easy to carry, without sacrificing performance.


Al Mar Knives offers a wide variety of innovative designs that present a quiet but powerful statement. AL MAR KNIVES are designed for those select individuals who refuse to follow the crowd. They offer pride of ownership in knives that have proven themselves time and time again. This is why leading international law enforcement, military, and special operations organizations rely on products that bear the AMK logo. Al Mar produces high quality products that meet real needs and provide lasting value.

A message from Gary Fadden, President of Al Mar Knives

Since 1979, Al Mar Knives ™ has been committed to making unique designs at quality levels that rival custom, hand-made knives. Today, each knife crafted by Al Mar is hand-finished and hand-sharpened by craftsmen dedicated to creating the very best possible. Each Al Mar knife features flat-ground blades for strength and superior performance - and that’s just one reason to trust the Al Mar name. At Al Mar Knives, A Warrior’s Edge ™ means Factory Perfection ™.


All of our new knife models manufactured since January 1998 carry our limited lifetime warranty.

This warranty covers materials and workmanship for the life of the knife.

Only Al Mar Knives personnel can make warranty determinations on our products.

Our limited lifetime warranty specifically does not cover abuse or neglect. Broken tips of blades are specifically not covered by our warranty. A broken tip is the most common form of abuse.

This warranty does not cover older model knives made prior to January 1998. All Models made prior to January 1998 carried a one year warranty only.

Please contact us prior to sending any knife back to us for warranty consideration for instructions and an “RMA” number – “Return-Merchandise-Authorization” number. This “RMA” number must be plainly visible on the outside of the box, and placed next to the “ship to” address.

Packages sent without an “RMA” number will be refused.


Please call us at 503-670-9080 for shipping instructions and an “RMA” number – “Return-Merchandise-Authorization” number.

All knives sent in for repair must have an “RMA” number and this number must be plainly visible on the outside of the box, and should be placed next to the “ship to” address.

Packages sent without an “RMA” number will be refused.


Al Mar Knives

PO Box 2295

Tualatin, OR 97062

Phone: 503.670.9080