Clauss Kitchen Knives
Clause kitchen knives are great deals. The quality is consistently very good and the pricing is extraordinary.
Clauss Ribbon Shears
Hot forged ribbon shears, with double plated, full chrome-over-nickel handles and blades. These cut all the way to the tip.
Clauss AirShoc & Enviro-Line (Recycled Materials)
The AirShoc and Enviro-Line line of lawn and garden tools feature titanium bonded or stainless steel blades. The packaging and handles are made from recycled materials.
Clauss Pattern Shears
This pattern shear is hot forged of solid steel and will provide extra leverage for cutting heavy patterns, layers of material and material with pins.
Clauss Kevlar Shears
These shears from Clauss are specially designed to cut Kevlar® materials. Also excellent for cutting plastic, canvas, upholstery and more.
Clauss Bent Scissors and Shears
These scissors and shears are bent at the handle, which allows the blades to "hug" the work surface.
Clauss Muscle Shears
Bent design with stainless steel blades. One blade is serrated for firm grip and cut. These cut aluminum, canvas, carpet, leather, linoleum, rubber, and many other materials.
Clauss Thread Snips
These small thread snips are designed for small spaces, and give you better control of the scissors for more precise cuts.
Clauss Cuticle Scissors
These scissors are designed for cutting through fingernails and toenails.
Clauss Electrician Scissors
Used for splicing wire, cuffing harness ties, insulation materials, medium gauge wires and electrical tape.
Clauss Aviation Snips
These snips are designed to cut through sheet metal.
Clauss Tin Snips
Tinner's Snips for straight cuts, notching and curves. The cutting action is smooth and powerful. Features large handles for ease of use.
Clauss Metal Snips
For precise metal cutting and trimming. These hot forged cutters are perfect for spurs and jagged edges.
Clauss Stem Strippers
These are products designed for stripping flower stems of leaves and thorns.
Clauss Floral Cutters and Snips
These cutters and snips are designed for flower cutting.
Clauss Pruners
Made from stronger materials and a with design that gives them more cutting power, these pruners work great for cutting small branches and twigs.
Clauss Carton Cutter
The Clauss Carton Cutter is a small retractable utility blade.
Clauss' Gold-Line Series
Clauss Gold-Line scissors feature 24K gold-plated bows and shanks of fine grade cutlery steel. Thin, needle sharp points allow for delicate cutting and trimming without damaging the material.
Clauss UltraFlex Series
The Clauss UltraFlex line has larger finger holes, to provide more power and more control.
Clauss' Tigersharp Series
Clauss' Tigersharp series utilizes disposable blades, so that you never have to worry about sharpening your blade.
Clauss' Featherlite Series
The Featherlite series is Clauss' budget line of shears. They come in a variety of colors.
Clauss Duckbill Scissors and Shears
These scissors and shears feature a flat "duckbill" top blade to prevent gauging.
Clauss Swedge Scissors
These scissors are swedged to provide greater strength.
Clauss Titanium Bonded Products
Titanium Bonded blades are 3x harder than Stainless Steel and stay sharper longer. They also resist adhesives and corrosion.
Clauss Utility Knives
Innovative utility knives and box cutters from Clauss.
All Clauss Shears
A general listing of all Clauss shears, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Clauss Kitchen Knives
Clause kitchen knives are great deals. The quality is consistently very good and the pricing is extraordinary.
Clauss Trimmers
Clauss makes trimming scissors and shears in all shapes and sizes, fit for any trimming task you might have.
Clauss Straight Shears and Scissors
These are just straightforward straight scissors and shears.
Clauss Wire Cutters
Clauss makes a variety of wire cutters for different jobs.
Clauss Folding Knives
Clauss designed pocketknives.
Clauss Straight Knives
Straight edge knives for everyday use.
All Clauss Scissors
A general listing of Clauss scissors, which come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Clauss Left-Handed Scissors and Shears
Most scissors are designed for the right-hand users. These are designed for left-handers.

Clauss: For Those Who Live Their Craft

Clauss cutting instruments have been the choice of professionals since 1877. Our professional heritage means Clauss tools are engineered for the demands of continuous daily use. Our products are made of cutlery-grade steel and are through-hardened to hold an edge.

Clauss True Professional™ products will withstand the toughest task and continue delivering over extended use.

Transfer of Power

Cutting performance is determined all by the cutting edge. However, with scissors and shears, rigidity can have a major impact on cutting performance. When cutting tougher materials, handles, fulcrum section (nut & bolt) and thin blades can flex thus reducing the power to the cutting edges. Clauss True Professional™ products are engineered and driven by the “Transfer of Power” theory. All Clauss scissors, shears and knives have incredible ridged handles, wide backboned blades & oversized fulcrum which, eliminates a great portion of flex allowing all of the power to the cutting blades giving the user the most precise cut possible.

Our Innovation Focus

Some people may think that scissors, shears and knives will never change. We believe they will never again be the same. Innovation is limited only by a company's imagination and will to make a difference -- practical innovation that satisfies many customer wants and needs: Better value. Better cutting. Better lasting. Better comfort. We've created a culture based on the free exchange of ideas and the opportunities to turn those ideas into better products.

Importance of Titanium

"Titanium Bonded” is not paint or a coating, but a process for applying a blend of titanium and other space-age materials to the surface of cutting blades in a way that permanently bonds them together. This is no “off-the shelf material,” but an intelligently engineered metal treatment, documented to be better performing than the individual components by themselves. It is one of the hardest materials in existence!

An application of the "Titanium Bonded" formula creates a super-hard outer shell on a cutting blade that is tough and long-lasting. The advantages are many: blades are sharper; blades stay sharper longer; and they better resist corrosion. The benefits to users are many, and lend themselves to a wide range of home, office, school, and commercial cutting products.

The advantages are many:

  • Lightweight yet durable
  • 3 times stronger than stainless steel
  • High corrosion and rust resistance
  • Less friction than stainless steel - Enhances surface lubricity = smoother cutting
  • Long-lasting, sharp cutting edges

Clauss Lifetime Warranty


At Clauss we believe our legendary products should be supported by an equally legendary promise. If your Clauss product fails to perform their intended use due to defects in materials or workmanship, we will replace them regardless of their age. Normal wear, sharpening, industrial use or abuse, misuse or neglect is not covered. Defective products will be repaired, replaced or substituted with the same product or one of equal value. Send the product in its original box for proof of purchase along with explanation of defect. You may have other rights which may vary from state to state.


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