Swiss Army Bantam Pocket Knife
Simple yet multi-functional, the 3.31" Bantam features some of Swiss Army's most popular implements in a compact design.
Swiss Army Boy Scouts of America Series
Swiss Army Knives with the Boy Scouts of America logo.
Swiss Army Cadet Pocket Knives
Thanks to its rich feature set and sturdy Alox scales, the Cadet pocket knife is a highly practical and virtually indestructible companion.
Swiss Army Camper Outdoor Multi-Tool
Along with the tent, the sleeping bag and the portable camping stove, the Camper has achieved essential status for anyone looking to spend some quality time in the great outdoors.
Swiss Army Cheese Master Multi-Tool
Part cheese knife, part fondue fork, this clever hybrid effortlessly slices through all sorts of cheese with ease.
Swiss Army Cigar Multi-Tools
Be ready for the party or for a leisurely evening relaxing at home with the Cigar multi-tool.
Swiss Army Classic Pocket Knives
The Classic is the epitome of Swiss Army Knives; functional, versatile and always there when you need it.
Swiss Army Cybertool Multi-Tool
Fit for the modern "Cyber" age we live in, this knife has several unique features as well as the most useful of standard options.
Swiss Army Design Patterns and Limited Editions
The most popular Swiss Army Knife now available in the always in style, print designs.
Swiss Army Electrician Pocket Knife
The Electrician model multi-tool is the perfect tool for any electrician or contractor.
Swiss Army EvoGrip Multi-Tool Series
EvoGrips feature all the tools you need for all your everyday adventures, organized between specially formed scales that offer increased grip and stability.
Swiss Army Evolution Multi-Tools
Evolutionary grips similar to Wenger designs for a comfortable hold in the hand.
Swiss Army EvoWood Multi-Tool Series
Work faster and easier with this little bit of evolution that fits in your pocket.
Swiss Army Excelsior Folding Knife
The Excelsior Folding Knife is a slim but elegant addition to any key chain.
Swiss Army Explorer Multi-Tools
The Explorer's 16 functions include the tools you need to take just about anything apart and put it back together, and a magnifying glass so you can get a closer look in between.
Swiss Army Farmer Pocket Multi-Tool
Inspired by the classic Soldier's knife, this sleek multi-tool packs all of its functions between two durable Alox scales.
Swiss Army Fieldmaster Multi-Tool
Ideal for everyday adventures or odd jobs in the garden, the versatile Fieldmaster pocket knife works just as well outdoors as it does on indoor projects.
Swiss Army Floral Pocket Knives
The florist’s tool of choice... available in a bouquet of beautiful colors to brighten your day!
Swiss Army Forester Outdoor Pocket Knife
The Forester's 10 functions are neatly packaged between two-component scales for outstanding grip, so whichever tool you choose, you can be sure it'll be secure in your hand.
Swiss Army GolfTool
Raise your game and lower your handicap with the GolfTool – it's got everything you need for a great day on the course.
Swiss Army Handyman Multi-Tool
If you're handy, then you know that the call to come fix something can come at any time. So whether you're hard at work or hard at play, always keep the Handyman with you.
Swiss Army Helmsman Multi-Tool
All hands on deck! The Helmsman is your first mate while on day trips or long treks out to sea.
Swiss Army Hiker Pocket Knife
The 13 functions on the Hiker are everything you need as you wander through the wilderness.
Swiss Army Hunter Folding Knives
The Hunter packs all the features you'll need for a day out in the wilderness.
Swiss Army Hunter Pro Folding Knife
A lockback hunting knife from Victorinox built with all the same qualities as the legendary Swiss Army knife.
Swiss Army Huntsman Multi-Tool
When it's time to go offline and off the beaten path, you'll want the Huntsman in your pocket.
Swiss Army Junior Pocket Knife
Perfect for beginner adventurers, the Junior 9 features a rounded tip locking blade, Phillips screwdriver, wood saw and much more.
Swiss Army Knives with Black Tools
The special refining process called Polispectral, or Inox-Spectral, results in a different look to each implement depending on how the light hits it, ranging from dark gray to anthracite.
Swiss Army Manager Pocket Knife
The Manager is a hard worker that is able to take on any task and help you throughout your day-to-day business. Also includes the Midnite Manager with LED lights.
Swiss Army MiniChamp Multi-Tools
With no less than 16 functions packed into a slim profile, the MiniChamp is a champion among small knives. Also includes the Midnite MiniChamp with LED lights.
Swiss Army Money Clip Multi-Tools
With five functions and a slim profile, the Money Clip keeps your cash and cards together while it keeps you moving smoothly through your everyday adventures.
Swiss Army Mountaineer Multi-Tool
The 3.58" Mountaineer packs a punch with 18 implements for use in any situation.
Swiss Army My First Victorinox Pocket Knife
When it's time for a young someone in your life to step up, get them a My First Victorinox, the pocket knife created especially for them.
Swiss Army Nail Clipper
100% Swiss made from high-quality stainless steel, this clipper features an ergonomic grip with a lanyard hole that can easily be attached to a keyring.
Swiss Army NailClip Pocket Knife
The NailClip is a multifunctional manicure tool you can take with you on vacation or out in the wilderness.
Swiss Army Outdoor Master Mic Fixed Blades
No matter which you choose, large or small, with the Outdoor Master Mic Collection, you will be prepared for whatever outdoor adventures you come up against.
Swiss Army Pioneer Pocket Multi-Tools
Inspired by the classic Soldier's knife, this sleek multi-tool packs all of its functions between two durable Alox scales.
Swiss Army Pruning Knives
A series of knives with a large hawkbill blade perfect for use in the garden.
Swiss Army Rally Pocket Knife
The 2.28" Rally offers nine useful implements in a compact design.
Swiss Army Rambler Pocket Knife
The Rambler is full of essential tools such as scissors, two screwdrivers and much more.
Swiss Army Ranger Multi-Tool
The Ranger's 21 functions are designed to take whatever the forest might bring, so you can head out with confidence.
Swiss Army RangerGrip Folding Knife Series
The RangerGrips are available in a number of variations and colors, all with ergonomic dual density handles.
Swiss Army RangerWood Folding Knife
The RangerWood features include a wood saw and blade, but what stands out the most is the beauty of the attractive walnut scales.
Swiss Army Recruit Pocket Knife
The Recruit multi-tool is a helpful, reliable, all-rounder that you can count on.
Swiss Army RescueTool Folding Knives
It's the rescue knife we hope you never have to use but when every second counts, you can count on the RescueTool.
Swiss Army Signature Pocket Knives
The Signature includes all of the traditional features of a Swiss Army knife plus a ballpoint pen. Also available in a Signature Lite version with a built-in LED light.
Swiss Army Skipper Multi-Tool
The Skipper pocket knife is like a crew in your hand, combining typical Victorinox functionality with sailing-specific tools like a shackle opener and a marlin spike.
Swiss Army Soldier Multi-Tool Pocket Knives
Reissue of the original Swiss Army Soldier model.
Swiss Army Spartan Pocket Knives
The Spartan is the pocket knife that started it all and helped people all around the world get the job done. Also available in a Spartan Lite version with a built-in LED light.
Swiss Army Sport Tools
These are the tools for those who are always on the move and forever in motion.
Swiss Army Sportsman Pocket Knife
With 13 functions tucked away in its sleek scales, this is the Swiss Army Knife for a true sportsman.
Swiss Army SwissCard Pocket Tool
With its clever, award-winning design and incredible functionality, you'll enjoy each time you need to take it out.
Swiss Army SwissChamp Multi-Tools
Packing no less than 33 functions and countless possibilities, the SwissChamp is the ultimate pocket multi-tool.
Swiss Army SwissLite Pocket Tool
The SwissLite takes all of the great features of the popular Classic model with the addition of a handy LED light.
Swiss Army Tiger Orange Alox 2021 Limited Editions
Featuring high-grade Alox scales, enhanced for durability and resilience, these 2021 Limited Editions will bring out the tiger in you.
Swiss Army Tinker Multi-Tools
Whether you're simply moving through your day or journeying around the world, the Tinker pocket knife is the Officer's knife for tinkers on the move.
Swiss Army Tourist Pocket Knife
With 12 functions, you'll be ready to be the captain of every journey with the Tourist pocket multi-tool.
Swiss Army Trekker Survival Multi-Tools
Functionality meets accessibility with contoured, non-slip handles and quick blade access when you need it most.
Swiss Army Waiter Series
The Waiter features all the implements needed for opening wine and popping off bottle tops of cans.
Swiss Army Wine Master Multi-Tool
The Wine Master makes it possible and offers wine connoisseurs, picnic enthusiasts, and collectors a multifunctional tool of the highest quality and precision.
Swiss Army WorkChamp Multi-Tool
With no less than 21 functions housed within its scales, the WorkChamp pocket knife is a workhorse and a champion all rolled into one.
KnifeCenter Exclusives
Popular Swiss Army Knives exclusively available here at the KnifeCenter.
Small Pocket Knives
Between 2" to 3" closed, these compact pocket knives are capable of solving problems when needed.
Medium Pocket Knives
Between 3" to 4" closed, you'll find the tools that mankind has always needed to get the job done.
Large Pocket Knives
Between 4" to 5.1" closed, these pocket knives are designed to be robust tools for those who spend their days out there.
Chinese Zodiac Limited Editions
Where Swiss precision meets the Chinese zodiac: meet the limited edition pocket knives from Victorinox Swiss Army.
Contest Classic Limited Editions
Year after year, Victorinox Swiss Army's global design contests have proven to be a success amongst their customers. Here are the top designs that were selected out of thousands of submissions.
Navy Camouflage Collection
Nautical meets camouflage with this Navy Camouflage Collection. Featuring a Classic SD, Huntsman, and Skipper, there's a practical companion no matter what the task may be.
Limited Editions
See all limited edition Victorinox Swiss Army Knives.
Wounded Warrior Project Collection
Victorinox Swiss Army is proudly supporting Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) and has developed an exclusive Swiss Army Knife Collection featuring co-branded knife designs.
A compact ceramic sharpener with ceramic v-groove and oval rod.
Key Fobs and Leashes
Great assortment that will work for many different knives.
Kitchen Cutlery
Some of the finest we offer including some great economy items.
Knife Care
Tools and supplies necessary to maintain your Victorinox knife or multi-tool.
Nail Clippers
100% Swiss made from high-quality stainless steel, this clipper features an ergonomic grip with a lanyard hole that can easily be attached to a keyring.
Pouches and Sheaths
Genuine Swiss Army leather and nylon pouches.
Replacement Parts
Find replacement parts like toothpicks, tweezers and more.

The Company

In 1897 the Original Swiss Army Knife was created in the small village of Ibach, Switzerland. Since that time, Victorinox has become well-known in more than 100 countries for precision, quality, functionality and versatility. This century old heritage has been extended to Swiss Army Watches, which reflect the ingenious design and outstanding durability Victorinox has come to stand for over the years. Uncompromising craftsmanship makes these watches worthy to carry the "cross and shield" emblem that symbolizes the legend of Victorinox and the Swiss Army Brand.

Whether you're going around the corner or around the globe, classically styled Swiss Army watches will make sure that you're equipped for life's adventures. No matter what those adventures might be.

Our Heritage

The VICTORINOX "Swiss Army Knife" is over 100 Years Old. This useful pocket Multi-Tool was legally registered on June 12, 1897. Over 34,000 of these pocket tools with the distinctive Swiss cross leave the factory in central Switzerland each day.  Ninety per cent are for export to over 100 different countries and serve as ambassadors for Switzerland.

Karl Elsener, the company founder, wanted to create work in sparsely industrialized central Switzerland and counter the emigration spawned by unemployment. To go from hand-crafting to industrial production was at the time adventurous and required enormous determination. Today, this family business in Schwyz provides 950 jobs.

After the soldier's knife, which every recruit receives upon entering the army, Karl Elsener developed a new, elegant and light weight pocket knife, with six practical tools. He called this new model the "Officers and Sports Knife".

After an unparalleled success story around the world, the VICTORINOX "Swiss Army Knife" is even orbiting the earth as part of the standard equipment of the Space Shuttle Crew. The knife has also been successfully proven on expeditions: in the arctic ice of the North Pole; on the highest peak on earth, Mount Everest; in the tropical rain forests of the Amazon, and elsewhere. Time and again, it has been a life saver in situations of extreme danger and great need. The New York Museum of Modern Art and the State Museum for Applied Art in Munich have selected it for their collection of excellence in design, and, since Lyndon B. Johnson, US presidents present guests with VICTORINOX pocket knives.

Today, the "Officers' Knife" is available in over 100 different models. Each knife must undergo seamless quality controls before being released for sale.

Did you know?

The largest model is the "SwissChamp" with 33 features. Over 450 steps are required in its manufacture.



Victorinox guarantees all Swiss Army Knives to be of first-class steel and provides a lifetime warranty against any defects in material and workmanship. 
The warranty does not apply to damage caused by abnormal or unreasonable use of any of the implements (including repairs or alterations other than by our Authorized Service Center). 

This warranty gives you specific legal rights.  Additional rights may be available under the laws of your State or Province.  It is in place of all other warranties, including warranty of fitness for a particular purpose and warranty of merchantability and excludes any liability for incidental or consequential damages.


If your Swiss Army Knife has a manufacturer’s defect covered by our warranty, we will either repair or replace it, at our option, without charge.  Please send to the address below.  Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address (optional) with your return.  In California and other states so requiring, you may return the Swiss Army Knife through your place of purchase.

A damaged Swiss Army Knife not covered by the warranty can be repaired.  Note that repair costs and handling charges may apply.  If so, you will be notified prior to any service.  Please send to the address below.  Include your name, address, phone number and e-mail address (optional) with your return.

United States Service Center:
Victorinox Swiss Army, Inc.
Service Center
7 Victoria Drive
P.O. Box 1212
Monroe CT 06468-1212 

Canada Service Center:
c/o Repair Department.
904 Magnetic Drive
North York, ON M3J 2C4

Phone: 800-442-2706 / Fax: 866-279-2406 or 203-926-2640 
Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. EST