Olight H Series Headlamps
Headlamps have almost endless uses and are ideal for action sports, camping, caving, climbing, or really any activity that you need your hands for. And these are some of the best available.
Olight Baldr Pro LED Weaponlights
The Baldr Pro is a high-quality choice for professional users with its excellent ease of use, high brightness, and extremely powerful performance.
Olight I Series Flashlights
Powerful and economically built, the I Series are compact lights that are great to have with you at all times.
Olight M Series Flashlights
Tactical flashlights that will function under the most extreme conditions and are affordable enough to carry every day.
Olight Perun Right-Angle Flashlights
The Perun, with its right-angle design, is a versatile EDC light that can also be used as a hands-free headlamp.
Olight PL-Pro Valkyrie LED Weaponlights
With high performance, ease of operation and versatility, the PL-PRO redefines the weaponlight.
Olight S Series Flashlights
Thin baton flashlights that are easy to carry and produce a ton of brightness from simple battery cells.
Olight Seeker Series Flashlights
The Olight Seeker 2 Pro is a powerful, rechargeable side switch LED flashlight powered by a single lithium rechargeable battery.
Olight Warrior Series Flashlights
The Warrior series is a powerful revolutionary tactical flashlight with long beam distance performance.
Olight Accessories
Everything for your Olight including flashlight mounts, filters, diffusers, battery magazines, holsters, pocket clips, and more.
Olight Batteries
A variety of replacement batteries for your Olight flashlight.
Olight Headlamps
Headlamps for an easy and convenient way to light your way.
Olight LED Flashlights
Olight offers a wide selection of affordable tactical style LED flashlights.
Olight Weaponlights
Power LED weaponlights designed to be mounted on your firearm.


Olight Technology is a high-tech company specialized in LED lighting,which features the latest advanced LED technology and the highest standard of materials and workmanship .

Until now, Olight mainly focused on the aluminum flashlight. The functions cover warning, emergency, rescue and defense products, which offer to law enforcement agencies, public safety agencies, and individuals who desire the best flashlights available for a specific purpose or task – camping ,fishing, hunting and tactical use. We have the best quality and performance LED flashlights available today.

Our dedicated R&D team provide our expanding clients a diverse range of innovative products. 

Our mission is to provide variety of flashlight products with superior quality, excellent service and reasonable prices.

Your satisfaction is always our pursuit. We strive to fulfill client's demands with high quality products, good service and timely delivery. Please feel free to contact us for more details.




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