Mercworx Black
The Black Chili by Mercworx is a full sized, well-balanced combat knife. Mercworx uses high quality stainless steel for the blade.
Mercworx Coriolis
7.75" of double edge trouble and a Gorilla Grip handle make the Coriolis one formidable tactical tool.
Mercworx Custos
The Custos features the same blade as the Seraphym but with a distinctly more ergonomic pistol grip handle.
Mercworx David
The David features a double recurve blade with a false top edge and the contoured handle feels great in when in use.
Mercworx Equatorian
Designed for extreme heavy use, this is about as tough as a combat knife can get! Engineered for chopping and thrusting maneuvers.
Mercworx Excorio
The Excorio is a premium fixed blade that has an ergonomic and comfortable flow. The Excorio uses top quality stainless steel for the blades and Micarta for the handles.
Mercworx Golgotha
The Golgatha is one of Mercworx's smaller knives at 8.5" overall. It's perfect for all outdoor tasks with its strong stainless steel blade.
Mercworx Goliath
The Goliath is the largest fixed blade that Mercworx has to offer. Cut from S30V stainless steel, the hand ground blade measures 9.75" and specializes in chopping.
Mercworx Meggido
The Meggido is tailored towards those who need more of a compact fixed blade but don't want to sacrifice technique.
Mercworx Orion
The Orion is rugged, functional and built for the long haul. It's the epitome of a compact workhorse, while retaining the graceful, classic Mercworx lines.
Mercworx Proeliator
The Proeliator is the ultimate survival-tool, bred specifically for the hardest survival challenges imaginable. The blade features the traditional Mercworx recurve and a hollow grind.
Mercworx Seraphym
The Seraphym functions as a neck knife, a push dagger and a boot knife. Designed as a fast-into play, last line of defense, the Seraphym is a great companion for any task.
Mercworx Shiva
The Shiva is a beautiful, bilaterally symmetrical double edged dagger.
Mercworx Sniper
The Sniper is the warrior's perfect battle blade. It combines durability and combat efficiency into a seamless package.
Mercworx Tanto
The Tanto is a battle blade you can stake your life on. At a size and weight that will ensure that it's always in your Go-Bag, regardless of the mission.
Mercworx Venor
The Venor is a compact fixed blade with a large bellied 154CM stainless steel blade. Included with the knife is a sturdy Kydex sheath.
Mercworx Vorax
The Vorax is a 6" double edged combat fixed blade that is compact and lightweight. A nylon sheath comes with the Vorax.

Mercworx has been little known outside the operative community. As a closed company the client base has been small, confidential and exclusive. Our services include providing prototypes, sanitary and custom design limited run specialty items for our demanding clientele.

With a reputation built on inventiveness, discretion and extreme dependability, Mercworx has etched out a rock solid niche in an utterly uncompromising and unforgiving market. Because confidentiality is as important as competence to Mercworx success, we have up until now shunned the public marketplace. Recently however, we have received permission from one of our primary customers to release a number of our knife designs to the public.

Each of these specialty knives are made by one artisan from beginning to end. We recommend that you check with your local state regulations regarding the use, size restrictions and carrying of blades.