Fibrox Series
Slice, dice and chop your way through your food with this collection of high-quality pieces that combine comfortable, non-slip, ergonomic handles with easy-to-sharpen blades and a long service life.
Rosewood Series
The Rosewood collection from Victorinox combines ergonomic handles in a naturally strong raw material with ultrasharp, efficient blades.
Standard Series
Victorinox Standard kitchen knives are lightweight, dishwasher-safe pieces that are 100% Swiss made with a straight, classic shape, polypropylene handle.

Since 1884, handcraftsmanship, quality and functionality has been the top priority for Victorinox Swiss Army.  Our Quality Assurance process focuses on the manufacturing and quality control of any product that carries the Victorinox Swiss Army name.

Incoming goods inspection
The incoming goods inspection ensures that all delivered manufacturing materials and OEM parts meet our quality standards.
Inspection of incoming material (steel)
Thanks to the laboratory tests, we are able to guarantee that only first-class steel is processed in the manufacturing plant. The various types of steel are all special alloys, which have the properties necessary for each respective application.
Process control
The departmental managers are responsible for ensuring that the quality of the products is guaranteed and that state-of-the-art technologies are used.  All employees are jointly responsible for the quality control processes and for ensuring ongoing tangible improvements.

Final inspection
Due to the high quality standards regarding functionality, design and finish, Victorinox Swiss Army holds its position as a leader manufacturer of  products around the world.