SIG Sauer Knives
SIG Sauer branded Hogue automatics, manual folders and fixed blades.
HK Knives
The HK series of knives are designed and built by Hogue from the finest materials—under the strictest standards of manufacturing.
Hogue A01-Microswitch Autos
The A01-Microswitch's unique patent-pending blade retention device allows for one-handed deployment and closure without placing the hand in the path of the blade.
Hogue Compound OTF Auto
The Compound features a hybrid G10 and aluminum frame for a surprisingly lightweight tactical folder.
Hogue Deka Folders
The Deka is a versatile folder with two different blade styles that secures open with Hogue's ABLE lock mechanism.
Hogue EX-A01 Autos
The AUTO EX-A01 design utilizes the same basic EX01 platform but transforms the button lock into a push button auto with serious speed.
Hogue EX-F01 Fixed Blades
The EX-F01 is the ultimate field tool with a thick tool steel blade, integrated skull crusher, and multi-functional, MOLLE compatible sheath.
Hogue EX-F02 Fixed Blades
The EX-F02 has a thin blade geometry making it an excellent slicer suitable for outdoor tasks from food prep to wood processing and dressing game.
Hogue EX-F03 Fixed Blades
The EX-F03 Series was designed with comfort and portability in mind. It offers a variety of sheath and carry options along with excellent ergonomics.
Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk
The EX-T01 is the latest example of an ongoing collaboration between renowned custom knife designer Allen Elishewitz and the world-class team of industrial designers and machine tool experts at Hogue Knives.
Hogue EX01 Folders
The EX01 was designed to be extremely durable, yet simple, elegant and practical for everyday activities.
Hogue EX02 Folders
The EX02 is the first liner locking folder from Hogue and the design can be effortlessly opened using either the ambidextrous thumb studs or optional flipper tab.
Hogue EX03 Folders
The EX03 is a more affordable version of the EX01 models available with a lightweight one-piece polymer handle.
Hogue EX04 Folders
The EX04 features either a conventional upswept or modified Wharncliffe blade with dual grinds producing a unique keen edge for ease of cutting and has a comfortable G-Mascus handle in two new colors.
Hogue Exploit OTF Automatics
More ergonomic and lightweight than the original Hogue OTF, the Exploit is an ideal EDC automatic with some excellent action.
Hogue Trauma First Response Tool
The Trauma folding knife makes a great companion during an emergency or for first responders thanks to several integrated safety tools.
Hogue X1-Microflip
Hogue Knives is pleased to introduce an addition to their quality line of knives, the X1-Microflip button lock flipper.
Hogue X5 Folders
The X5 is Hogue's most distinct knife so far. Built with a unique deployment technology, this knife provides class-leading smoothness.

Hogue Knives are built around precise engineering and stringent manufacturing practices that equal exceptional performance. The team is lead by Master Tool Maker Jim Bruhns and his partner Neil Hogue. Each knife that leaves the floor leverages the know-how of three generations of passionate craftsmen who are also end users.

The patterns they produce are designed by former Recon Marine, martial artist and custom knifemaker Allen Elishewitz. Allen's real-world experience both in the shop and on the field ensures that the designs are functional and ergonomically sound.

All Hogue Knives are meticulously crafted in the USA. This not only helps to support our economy, it also allows us to be involved in, and maintain the highest level of quality during every step of the process. Hogue Knives strives to ensure that they deliver the best possible fit, finish and function that we are capable of producing so that your knife is dependable and can be enjoyed for a lifetime.