SOG Axes and Tomahawks
Good variety of camping axes, tactical tomahawks, survival items and throwing hawks.
SOG Multi-Tools
SOG multitools have been American standards for decades. Many offer their compound leverage models which give you an amazing grip.
SOG Ace Fixed Blade Knives
The Ace is SOG's most accessible and affordable knife. With a black molded plastic sheath and a grippy textured rubber handle, this is the knife you can grab and know you'll be prepared.
SOG Aegis Assisted Folding Knives
Assisted openers for combat and sportsmen.
SOG Banner Folding Knife
The Banner is a fully-equipped, heavy-duty folder with a SAT assisted-opening CPM S35VN blade in a black Cerakote coating housed in an anodized aluminum handle with steel liners.
SOG Bowie Fixed Blade Knives
The SOG Bowie has become a classic that is unparalleled in authenticity and quality.
SOG Cash Card and Ultra C-Ti Folding Knives
These card knives are perfect as both compact EDC folders and money clips.
SOG Centi Folding Knives
The SOG Centi is a minimalist's knife dream come true. Featuring a slim, lightweight design, this keychain-size folding knife is ready for quick everyday tasks.
SOG Escape Folding Knives
It is the perfect size for everyday carry but still has a tremendous amount of capability with its one hand-opening blade.
SOG Fielder Folding Knives
The proven linerlock system provides reliability as well as easy opening of the Fielder's capable blade. The Fielder will catch your eye, but not your pocket book.
SOG Flare Folding Knives
If you're looking for a great folding knife, look no further than the Flare assist. Featuring the patented SOG Assisted Technology (SAT) opening system, the Flare opens with authority.
SOG Flash Assisted Folding Knives
Fast opening with a great safety and lock release system.
SOG Fling Throwing Knives
The Fling is a traditional styled throwing knife that's 9.5" overall and comes in a three piece set with a ballistic nylon sheath.
SOG Flint
It's hard to find as many survival features in an item as one would in the Flint. The Flint packs enough survival and defensive components to get you through the night or away from danger.
SOG Folding Camp Saw
A compact folding saw with interchangeable wood and bone saw blades to tackle any task.
SOG Instinct Fixed Blade Knives
The Instinct is a fixed blade design modeled after the Cash Card folder to be your daily use tool that is always within arms reach.
SOG Jungle Machetes
Awesome fixed blades at an incredible price.
SOG Key Tools
Always be prepared with these handy tolls featuring a lockback mechanism and handles shaped like regular house keys.
SOG KeyTron Folding Knife
The KeyTron is a folder that fits right in with everything on your keyring! This manual folder features a 1.8" blade and a slim, lightweight handle.
SOG Kiku Folding and Fixed Blade Knives
The first folding knife designed by Kiku Matsuda, and an official production collaboration between SOG and Kiku Knives.
SOG Kilowatt Electrician's Folding Knife
A lot of useful features including wire strippers.
SOG MacV Multi-Tool
Designed to resemble the original skull from the MACV-SOG group of which their company is named after, the MacV is a keychain multi-tool with serious style.
SOG ParaShears Medical/Rescue Scissors
Capable and reliable, the ParaShears are a multi-tool designed for rapid, precise work under the most stressful conditions in medical applications.
SOG Pent and Pentagon-Elite Folding Knife Series
Awesome combat folders in 2 sizes. These are preferred by many combat GIs.
SOG Pentagon Fixed Blade Knives
Combat daggers suitable for boot carry available in 2 sizes.
SOG Pillar Fixed Blade Knives
The USA-made Pillar is fully-equipped with a full tang CPM-S35VN steel blade with a stonewashed and machine ground finish, canvas Micarta handles, and Kydex sheath with an adjustable low-profile, locking mount.
SOG PowerLock Multi-Tools
Heavy duty multi-tools that include the patented gear driven Compound Leverage mechanisms.
SOG Salute Folding Knives
Tactical folders solidly made and well priced.
SOG SEAL Fixed Blade Knives
The knife that won the SEAL Knife evaluation — this is one of the most popular knives sold anywhere. We have the entire selection available. It’s hard to beat SOG’s reputation when it comes to reasonably priced combat fixed blades. The SEAL line channels the spirit of Vietnam-era Bowies and years of real-world deployment experience into sleek, functional knives you can rely on when the going gets tough. With multiple blade lengths to choose from, there are options here to suit any tactical requirement.
SOG Sideswipe Folding Knife Series
Another excellent assisted opener from SOG with zytel inlays and deep carry bayonet pocket clip
SOG SlimJim Folding Knives
Super slim assisted openers... unobtrusive but always there when you need it.
SOG Snarl Fixed Blade Knives
This small fixed blade neck knife is a Jason Brous Silent Soldier at half the price of the original with all the same production quality and durability.
SOG Snippet Multi-Tool
A multi-tool with a focus on enhancing the scissors' functionality. Has integrated finger guards to simulate the operation of a normal pair of scissors.
SOG Spec and Spec-Elite Folding Knife Series
Solid folding knives in various sizes. Available in both manual or automatic.
SOG Strat Ops AUTO Folding Knife
Based off the Spec-Elite design, the Strat Ops is the premier SOG Auto with S35VN steel and milled Micarta handles.
SOG TAC Automatic Folding Knives
Super fast and well made but available only to police and active duty military.
SOG Tangle Fixed Blade Knives
The Tangle is a tactical fixed blade with cord wrapped handle and hard nylon sheath for easy and rapid deployment when you need it.
SOG Targa Folding Knives
The Targa is an amalgamation of many of SOG's best designs and the result is a slim, tactical folder with a beautiful recurve tanto blade.
SOG Terminus Folding Knives
The Terminus is an all-purpose folding knife that is available as a slipjoint or with SOG's own XR locking mechanism.
SOG Traction Folding Knives
Lightweight, tactical, durable and best of all...affordable.
SOG Trident Assisted Folding Knives
Innovative, full sized assisted openers with grooved handle to allow for cutting in closed position.
SOG Twitch Folding Knives
Slim and trim and very fast, this series has some innovative features.
SOG Vision Folding Knife Series
Designed to be the ultimate defensive and general use tool for users in the field, the Vision is the peak of performance and capability.
SOG Folding Knives
A large listing of SOG products.
SOG Fixed Blade Knives
A large listing of the famous SOG fixed blades.
SOG Axes and Tomahawks
Good variety of camping axes, tactical tomahawks, survival items and throwing hawks.
SOG Flashlights
High tech LED flashlights by SOG.
SOG Automatic Knives
Automatic opening knives by SOG. Available to Law Enforcement & Military use only.
SOG Knife Sharpeners
Well conceived sharpening products.
SOG Machetes
Some great and economical machetes.
SOG Multi-Tools
SOG multitools have been American standards for decades. Many offer their compound leverage models which give you an amazing grip.
SOG Assisted Openers
Spring assisted folding knives.
SOG Combo Sets
Combo sets for those looking to get a variety of basic tools.
SOG Folding Camp Saw
A compact folding saw with interchangeable wood and bone saw blades to tackle any task.
SOG Sheaths
Additional sheaths sold separately for some of SOG's most iconic folding knives, fixed blades, and tomahawks.
SOG Shovels/Entrenching Tools
When you need to move sand, dirt or snow at a moments notice, you'll wish you had a shovel close at hand.
SOG Throwing Knives
Creative designs and reasonable pricing for economical items that are made well.

Company History

Founded in 1986 by Spencer Frazer in his apartment in Santa Monica.

First product - a fixed blade commemorative knife that retailed for $169 based on the original design of a Vietnam military knife.

1988 SOG introduced its first folding knife, the Tomcat, which won Blade Magazine’s Overall Knife of the Year Award. This was the first of the numerous awards SOG received for innovative products and ideas.

1990 SOG introduced the Tool Clip, the company’s first multi tool that led them into new and much broader arenas, including the industrial and retail markets.

In 1995 Mr. Frazer invented Compound Leverage multi-tools, a patented design which gives SOG tools vastly superior pliers clamping strength. Today, the company has over 50 patents for their unique inventions.

In 2000, the company created an entirely new-patented concept (SOG Assisted Technology) that made it easier and faster to open a folding knife ambidextrously.

With the introduction of these products, SOG established itself as the first knife manufacturer to expand its line to include a broad scope of folding knives, multipurpose tools, and a deep assortment of fixed blades.

In 2009, SOG partnered with MCC Capital Partners, a private equity firm specializing in the growth of branded consumer products companies.

SOG is well positioned to efficiently and professionally service its growing list of customers, while preserving the SOG traditions of product quality, innovation, and strength of brand.

Since 1986 SOG has been creating the strongest, most innovative multi-tools and knives on the market.


SOG Warranty Information

All SOG products are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for the life of the original purchaser.  This guarantee is voided (as determined by SOG) by misuse, abuse, improper maintenance, or alterations of the product and does not cover any normal wear or tear that might occur. Using your SOG folding blade or fixed blade knife for any purpose other than cutting or puncturing is considered abuse and may void your warranty.

Guarantee Claims

All guarantee claims should be directed to the factory.  U.S. claims should be sent prepaid and insured.  For international claims: call, write, or email SOG’s Warranty Dept. for information.

We are not responsible for lost or stolen packages that do not arrive to our facility.

SOG reserves the right to the repair or replacement of a product at our discretion.  Products that are discontinued and not repairable will be replaced with a gift certificate of the last MSRP value, as determined by SOG, which can be used for a future purchase.

Examples of Non-Warranted items:

Rusted/spotted/stained blades or handles (coated or not), broken or bent knife tips, worn tool components, dull/chipped knife blades, scratched blade/tool coatings, worn/loose Kraton slabs, sheaths and pouches (if brand new sheaths are determined to be defective they are replaced separately from the knife/tool), and broken/lost thumb studs. 

SOG Unconditional Pocket Clip Warranty:

Pocket clips can be broken if they are accidentally caught on foreign objects while wearing.  To help prevent such occurrences, SOG recommends that you wear your knife in your front pocket, with the knife inside your pocket. If, for whatever reason, your clip bends or breaks and you would like to receive a replacement, fill out the Clip Request Form, or email/call SOG’s warranty department.  Damage to a knife handle because a clip has snagged is not considered “normal,” and any such damage will be assessed under warranty. Learn more about replacing pocket clips in Knife & Tool Care.


SOG offers a sharpening service for our products at the minimal charge of $12.00

Broken Blades:

In the unlikely case that your knife blade breaks, we will do a hardness test on it to see if it is within specs and therefore eligible for replacement.


SOG will pre-determine the cost of repair or replacement of non-warranted items and communicate the estimated cost to the customer before any work is performed. 

When returning product for warranty/replacement please do the following:

Include a brief note inside your package stating what you are returning, the claimed defect and how it failed.  Also, include inside the package, your name, address, and a daytime phone number or email address to reach you in case we have any questions.

Send all warranty claims to:

SOG Specialty Knives, LLC.
Attn: Warranty Dept.
6521 212th St SW
Lynnwood, WA  98036

For any other questions, either call, fax, or email SOG’S warranty department at:

Phone:  425-771-6230 ext. 229
Toll Free:  1-888-40-KNIFE (405-6433)
Fax: 425-771-7689