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The Boone family has a rich tradition of blacksmithing that can be traced back long before the family immigrated to America and that still continues today.  The Boone Family has agreed to share these historical pieces with you by creating the Daniel Boone Replica Bowie, and other products.

"America's Southern Appalachian Plateau is one of the nation's richest sources of folk songs, customs, and legends."  The residents of these "hollers" have been described as "full of humor and gentleness, of great dignity and pride."  One such resident, Daniel Boone VI, has much to be proud of.  The great-great-great grandson of Daniel Boone, the legendary frontiersman, has continued the family tradition as a blacksmith and has created some extraordinary art.  Among other things, he was commissioned by the Rockefellers to work on the Williamsburg Restoration Project designing intricate gates.  He also spent seven years building two fully functional Union Pacific scale model trains.
Boone Knife Company produces a number of premium quality products, using 440 series stainless steel. When heat treated 440 series stainless is capable of attaining the highest strength, hardness and wear, resistance of all stainless alloys. Classified in the 55 to 58 RC [Rockwell Hardness] range.          
Boone Knife Company is the only one with a patent to sell Boone Knives.